Harry Styles Concert Experience Dual Credit Essay

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Henderson 2
Payton Henderson
Anthony Burns
English 1301
1 October, 2018
Kindness Made Simple
The visuals on the screen fade and the lights turn off, enveloping us in darkness. The intro to "Only Angel" begins to play and screams erupt from the bodies of adolescent women as we strain our eyes in the blackness for just a glimpse of what's coming. The spotlight hits the stage and there he is, and if I thought it wasn't possible, the screams got louder. He stands fingers covered in multiple rings gripping the microphone stand. With the first verse, he's flying across the stage, spraying the crowd with water, and ultimately commanding them to dance along. As the crowd comes alive I can't help but stand frozen in awe of the brown-haired, green-eyed, beautiful man that is Harry Styles. I had already been acquainted with Harry, and I think my life is all the better for it. I knew that this was about to be the best night of my life, and even though he was leaving me in the end, I approved of this one nightstand.
The first time I laid eyes on Harry Styles was in 2013 in an One Direction documentary called "This Is Us". I can not describe how infatuated I was with his appearance. He was just so beautiful. I followed him on Instagram, Twitter, and anywhere else that he was. I followed fan pages on Instagram so that I could constantly see him on my timeline, but this isn't why Harry changed my life. When Harry went solo in 2017, he really became a role model for me. He had a mantra that he branded called "Treat People with Kindness". He put it on shirts, hats, bottles, and wristbands for his concert merchandise. But anybody can say treat people with kindness, right? Harry changed my life because as well  as making a slogan of sorts, he constantly lives by it. You can look at him on videos early in his career where paparazzi would be little and antagonize him, and how he would continue to be respectful. He would remember their names, ask them "how their day is", and ask them about their kids. Even at concerts when fans would grab him and hold him against the barricade, or touch him inappropriately, he would just wave and smile at them. Seeing this side of Harry helped me understand that it is possible to simply be kind towards others.
So, I started to apply myself...


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