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Criminal Law Courts, Police, and Corrections. Perez 1
Criminal law courts, POLICE, and corrections. perez 11
Criminal Law applied to the Courts, Police, and Corrections.
Rose Perez
Texas Southmost College
Criminal law applies to everyone especially the ones who work for the government themselves. The law officers like the police have strict policies on how they should work. For example, If they intend on arresting someone they must read them the Miranda rights during the arrest, and if the police would like to search a home or property they must have a warrant issued by the judge or probable cause. The courts must also follow strict protocol by granting the defendant a right to an attorney if they cannot afford one, and right to a speedy trial. Corrections are also expected to follow standard rules and guidelines. Corrections must not allow cruel and unusual punishment and they must also protect the offender by providing a good shelter food and health care.
Criminal Law applied to the Courts, Police, and Corrections.
What is Criminal law? Criminal law is a system of law that identifies a specific behavior to be considered as illegal and for each behavior a punishment is given. Criminal law applies to every individual and is expected to be follow every law. Criminal law is not only for the punishment of the criminal but it also protects the offender. The main reason that criminal law is so important is because it keeps our community safe. (Moore, J. L., & Worrall, J. L. 2018) Criminal law is very complex and broad it applies to all criminal justice every in the field like the courts, police, corrections.
When it comes to criminal law there are different types of laws, and each law can apply to different areas in criminal justice. For instance, the fifth amendment has a series of rights including the right to a grand jury, forbids double jeopardy. The sixth amendment gives the right to an attorney and right to a speedy trial by an impartial jury in the district or state that the crime was committed and all of these laws can be incorporated in the courts division.( Constitution. Cornell University)
When you break the law first step starts with the arrest or a ticket, and if you are arrested next day you will have court, and that right there is sixth amendment right to a speedy trial. As the court, they are responsible for many procedures. The courts are expected to follow the laws as well, that being said they must follow the fifth and six amendment giving the defendant their rights. Once the official case is given the government must provide you with an attorney if you cannot afford one. The people who work in courts are only human mistakes happen. For example, the case of Powell vs. Alabama several African American men were accused of raping two young white girls. They were not provided an attorney so they’re case went all the way to the supreme court. (sixth amendment cou...


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