Finding Happiness In Frankenstein Ap Literature Literary Analysis

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Schumacher 11
Ty Schumacher
Mr. Attanasio
AP English 4
8 February 2018
How to Find Happiness.
Thesis: In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, ultimate happiness is found in relationships with friends, lovers or family.
1) For Victor and the Monster, happiness springs from friendships.
a) Victor Frankenstein, the main character in Frankenstein, frequently falls into depression, from which only friendship with Henry Clerval can pull him out.
b) As revenge for Victor ending his project, the monster murders Henry Clerval, taking away the cornerstone of Victor’s happiness.
c) The monster is a creature of grotesque proportions, who spends the entire novel searching for a friendship from which he can derive happiness.
2) Numerous characters, including the Monster, Victor and Felix, rely on romantic relationships for happiness.
a) When Victor was but a boy, his parents rescued an orphan girl, Elizabeth, who ends up being a very important source of happiness for Victor. She became a pseudo-sister, often referred to as “cousin”, as well as the love of his life.
b) After observing the relationship between Felix and Safie, as well as many other couples, the monster realizes that a romantic relationship is what he wants the most.
c) The inhabitants of the cottage “were not entirely happy” (Shelley 98), and they often “appeared to weep” (Shelley 98), due to Felix’s missing bride.
3) Family relationships are one of the most important relationships for happiness, as seen through Walton, the cottagers and many other characters.
a) Safie’s family like nature with the rest of the cottagers provide happiness for the De Lacey’s.
b) The letters written by Walton to his sister Mrs. Saville are where the reader gets their first glimpse of happiness provided by familial relationships.
c) Throughout the novel, there is a motif of motherless children, being raised by their fathers, which causes them to search for happiness through relationships.
d) This is another motif throughout the novel, where orphans finally know happiness due to adopted families.
Ty Schumacher
Mr. Attanasio
AP English 4
15 February 2018
What makes a person happy? The answer to that question is something humankind has searched for and found, although differently, in every era. Strict religious observance provided people in the 1700’s happiness. In the 1920’s, people found happiness in wealth, opulence and partying. For young children, happiness may simply be playing in the mud. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, ultimate happiness is found in relationships with friends, lovers or family.
Victor Frankenstein, the main character in Frankenstein, frequently falls into depression, from which only friendship with Henry Clerval can pull him out. He created a grotesque beast called the monster, the sight of which throws him into depression, with Victor recalling he “was in reality very ill, and surely nothing but the unbounded and unremitting attentions of [his] friend could have returned [him] to life” (Shelley 49)....

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