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Goldstone analysis
Question 2
Lilybelle Tarr
The visual text goldstone presents Ivan Sven's unique aboriginal perspective which makes us feel empathy towards marginalised groups such as aboriginals and Asian migrants. Through visual conventions such as characterisation, camera angles and symbolism the director Ivan Sven has created a unique outlook on post-colonialism. The use of visual elements promotes empathy within an audience as it shows the ongoing impact of colonialism on marginalised groups.
Ivan Sven's unique aboriginal perspective, of indigenous Australian and mixed heritage, is created through visual elements such as characterisation in the film. This construction of characters works to promote empathy and controversy within an audience, by manipulation of the film noir genre and use of minority members of society represented as characters. Typically in the film noir genre, the detective character is often portrayed as flawed. Jay Swan plays this character of the fallacious detective. Physically, Jay Swans character is aboriginal and has personal conflicts such as drinking and divorce. The use of an Australian Indigenous actor to not only represent the main character but also a minority in Australian society promotes empathy and controversy within the audience and reminds us of the ongoing impact of colonisation. The effect of continuing settlement is shown through the representation of alcoholism on the indigenous community. However as we travel deeper into the film, Jay Swan has an epiphany where he realises his real home is in the town Goldstone. This epiphany is the aspect of the unique aboriginal perspective that is offered as it presents themes that revolve around issues of dislocation, place and identity. The manipulation of the genre film noir is evident through other aspects of the film such as the use of femme fatale and the use of the habit of smoking and firearms. The femme fatale is often the manipulative women that is a typical pattern in the film noir genre; this character is displayed as the mayor who is manipulative and plays one of the villains. Smoking and guns are a standard of the western trope and are how Ivan Sven has incorporated the western aspects to remind the audience of the ongoing impact of colonisation. The use of visual elements such as characterisation, promote empathy and controversy within an audience by reminding us of the ongoing effect of colonisation that effects the Australian indigenous society today.
Ivan Sven has used visual conventions such as camera angles to create empathy towards marginalised groups, giving valuable insight into the indigenous tradition and culture. Through the many drone shots taken of the landscape and horizon, we understand the impact of dislocation, identity and the importance of the land within the Australian indigenous culture. A fence divides the land up in the middle of the shot. The Birdseye view of the tyre marks look like scars in the landscape and repres...


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