The Struggles Through Life Makes Me A Better Person Ren Da Middle School Esaay

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Ken Xiao Xiao1
Pre-AP English I-Period 3
18 April 2018
Should Plutocrats Contribute to the Society
Wealth is a deciding factor of people’s lives, whether it is their social status, as well as their living conditions. It is shocking to see that “Today, the top 1 percent of households own more wealth than the bottom 90 percent combined. That gap, between the ultra wealthy and everyone else, has only become wider in the past several decades ”(Ingraham 1). The surprising statistics show that the wealth inequality is a huge issue in today’s society, so what leads to these issues? The answer is plutocracy. Since the plutocrats have nearly limitless wealth, they should devote portions of their property for the greater good of the society. Not only the lives of many children can be improved, the government will also become more democratic and fair, but most importantly, without a huge wealth gap, the overall economy, and the lives of people will benefit from their contributions.
The impacts of plutocracy on the landscape of politics is dramatic, as more and more wealthy plutocrats enter the world of politics. In the past years, a large portion of the congress are riches and billionaires who are slowly taking over the political activities, making it a game of the wealthy, in fact “Ten house members and three senators are worth more than $43m each (many politicians are not required to state the value of their properties). Not all contribute to their own campaigns, though, and few are as spendthrift as would-be governors of Illinois.” ( the Economist 1). With these plutocrats using their own money to benefit themselves instead of their political campaigns, the situation is no longer fair and democratic, but corrupt and exploiting. Plutocracy interference not only damages the views of the voting public, but also the free American government. One of the example of plutocracy’s influence on politics is the case in Illinois. In recent years, many wealthy men tried to sabotage the competition by pumping millions of dollars into their own political side in order to get elected for the various positions. A well know example being J.B. Preitzker, and “ The millions he is spending on his own campaign mean more cash can be spent on crucial legislative races. Daniel Biss, a state senator and former maths teacher who was defeated by Mr Pritzker, wondered during the campaign whether Illinois is engaged in "an auction or an election".” (The Economist 1). Without the consideration of public political viewpoints and ideas, and only powered by the wealth of the participants is a demoralized government where people’s objectives are buried by the capital and property of plutocrats . The political situation will worsen over time if the plutocrats are free to take control of the government, the decisions o...


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