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Gun Control Essay

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The problem with guns is fairly straightforward: Guns make it easy to kill or injure a person. This weapon that so many people own has the power to take someone's life in a split second. In this speech I will be covering this and other topics such as the Brady Law, the Second Amendment and some of the percentages and death rates is the U.S.Gun control aims to keep high risk people away from guns while not putting much of a burden on law abiding citizens. Guns should not only be restricted from known felons because new felons are being arrested every day. Statistics show that only 29% of those arrested for murder are previously convicted felons. Also, a national survey ...view middle of the document...

In fact no one knows exactly what the Founding Fathers meant by it. The Brady Center (an organization committed to gun control) believes that individuals do not have the right to bear arms because the 2nd Amendment is meant solely for national defense.Prior to the Brady Law, 32 states had no background checks on gun buyers. All felons had to do was lie to buy a gun. The Brady Law closed the "lie and buy" loophole. The NRA said that the waiting period for background checks on guns was an inconvenience for gun buyers, but it has been proven that this "inconvenience" has saved thousands of lives. From 1994 to 1998, an estimated 9,400 fewer people died than expected because of the Brady Law.It is believed that when more guns are available the death rates go up because when someone is contemplating suicide if a gun is not available that person will most likely resort to a less lethal method, survive and never attempt suicide again. Some shocking death statistics in the U.S. include child deaths: close to 4,000 kids and teens died from gunshot wounds in the year 2000. Two-hundred sixty-two were accidental shootings and 83 of the children who died were under 5 years old!I have concluded that too many lives are being lost every day because of the easy access to dangerous firearms. Gun control organizations look to limit the number of deaths in our nation but are facing strong opposition from those who feel that they need guns to survive. Not just anyone should be able to own something that is solely meant to kill. It is just too dangerous. So, be smart and think about what gun control could do for our country.

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