Property Written By Valerie Martin - Wren High - Essay

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Knowles 1
1. Does reading those portions give you a brief but adequate overview of the argument. How/Why?
After reading these sections of the essay we are given adequate overview of the argument, this is definitely limited to an overview though. We are not given any background information to support the portions.
2. In less than 7 words, what is the major claim in the essay?
Walter is a metonym, Manon’s own illegitimacy.
3. Describe how the author chose to divide and organize their already very narrow thesis statement into even smaller body paragraph topic sentences?
The author wrote the thesis to be broken down into three main subjects, which were shown in the smaller body paragraphs. The three subjects were, “Manon’s focus on Walter’s behavior,” “a stand in for Manon’s own illegitimacy,” “subconscious projection of her own feelings onto Walter and his behavior.”
4. What does this exercise teach you about essay structure that you didn't know? (100 words)
Completing this exercise has taught me to recognize how others set up their essay using a claim, evidence, warrant, and having an impact. If we can read an essay that effectively does this, such as this essay, we are able to write and construct our own effective essay. Along with constructing our own essay effectively, after completing this exercise I was able to recognize how to grade my own paper to be sure it is effective. I feel I am able to pick out and expand on certain essay elements such as the thesis statement, topic sentences, and claims much easier and quicker now.
5. What does it show you about what a New Formalist/close reading argument is supposed to be? (100 words)
Learning the new formalist/close reading argument style hasn’t been easy to learn because were spoon fed the information in other English classes, but in this case, I have learned a much easier way to construct an essay effectively. After completing this exercise on another effective essay, the new formalist reading argument is much easier to create now that I have an example to go off of or relate back to. We need to have the claim, evidence, warrant, and impact to correctly use the new formalist/close reading argument and now we can pick these out from another essay which helps us create our own.
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February 25, 2018
Professor Wiley
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Essay 1
Metonymy and Projection in Property
Manon’s focus on Walter’s behavior conveys that Walter is a metonym, a stand in for Manon’s own illegitimacy, shown by Manon’s continuous, subconscious projection of her own feelings onto Walter and his behavior.
Manon is unhappy in her household because she feels bastardized by her sexual interest in Sarah, which is not in accordance with the standards of her society. Manon calls Walter a “little bastard,” but both Mr. Gaudet and Sarah are in the room at the time of the narration (5). Although Mr. Gaudet and Sarah are not married, making Walter a bastard in the traditional sense of ...

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