Book Review On “Measuring Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty” By Bob E. Hayes Pleckgate High School Essay

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Book Review on “Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty” by Bob E. Hayes
An essential guarantee of the stability of any company (whether its activity is directed at
the residents of a country or providing services to other companies) is the ability to create
prerequisites for customer satisfaction, to retain it, and to work to ensure the loyalty of the target
audience. There are many works and books devoted to the study of this problem and later
outlining of essential pieces of advice. However, due to its comprehensive, illustrative examples
(tables and figures), the latest edition of Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty written by
Bob E. Hayes can be considered as one of the most useful guidebooks for both start-ups and
established companies alike
Many sources can provide a variety of reasons for why it is important for a company to
satisfy customers. It even might seem that authors repeat the same point multiple times, the
essence of which is understandable from the very beginning: the financial prosperity of a
company and its competitiveness is dependent on how it satisfies customers' needs (“Customer
Satisfaction...” para. 13;21). Hayes does not burden readers with an extensive description of why
it is important; he outlines two primary sources of customer satisfaction/loyalty (quality and
financial security), devoting most of his work to studying the question of how to ensure it with
comprehensible explanations and formulas for greater illustration
While trying to analyze customer satisfaction and to ensure one follows a loyalty
strategy, a company might face many challenges depending on internal and external factors.
There also could be disagreements related to the best measuring source. However, it is possible
to distinguish one distinctive method—monitoring customer feedback and reviews on social
networks and a company’s website, for instance (Kuhner para. 3). Hayes devotes about twothirds
of his book to this aspect, determining a...

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