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Put in PerspectiveInevitable? Are we stuck with this fate?To live in this country that we love, to hate?Are we confused/ badly abused? Leaving our saviors to only be used?Our countries police men beat up our men, yet we break the law, again and again.It could be stupidity, due to humidity, not our states, in our brains.....We're so conceited to think our country's so grand, so we feel it's our duty to len ...view middle of the document...

We live in time full of violence and pain, with all of this anger what is there to gain?Drugs being sold right under your nose, so cops have to bust them that's how it goes......Perspective......Put your life into perspective...Look at the high schools, people don't get along, and some how the geniuses just don't belong.Perspective....Drugged alcoholics, a mother on crack, the doctors can't save them.... who do we thank?Sexual diseases, herpes and AIDS. He got a girl pregnant and down went her grades....Put it in perspective...Girls in awe by singers, telephone ringers, acrylic nails, tight jeans and perfume.Girls just got dumped, yet another stomach pumped, and the girl thought her life was doomed.....She put it in perspectiveCigarettes kill; you know they will, her grandma's got cancer and no more life to fill.Her friend wants to die due to drugs and depression,Some girls have to hide due to some perverts obsession,Animal's slaughters, a dad beats his daughter, and people still think life is so bad.A message I'm sending and recommending, am thankful for life and be gladPut it in Perspective to understand what you really have!!!!!!


The Great Gatsby critical question from my teacher - school assignment - homework assignments

1609 words - 7 pages Nov 2 In Class 6 Due Nov 9 The Great Gatsby: Questions Chapters 4 – 6 You may work with 1 – 2 other people who is/are reading The Great Gatsby from the same critical perspective as yourself. If you work with partners, you should help one another as you answer the questions. Verbal Irony and Situational Irony There are two common types of irony in literature—verbal and situational. Verbal irony involves an incongruity between what appears to be

"Ceremony" by Leslie Silko Book Report

549 words - 3 pages instinces that I know what Tayo is seeing is completely impossible aIn Ceremony one must decide why and how the women's perspective is of importance. I believe the reason the women's view is to put a different perspective upon everything that goes on in the book, as compared with the perspective of Tayo. There are two women in the book who put their perspective into the story, one of them is the elderly mistress of Josiah and the other one is

Paper On Extraterrestrial Life

292 words - 2 pages existence is currently hypothetical, meaning there has yet to be any evidence of extraterrestrial life that has been widely accepted by scientists. This includes the well over a million UFO reports since 1947. None of which can provide a scientifically credible physical artifact.Even so, this doesn't alter my stand on extraterrestrial life. It's the sheer size of the universe that enables me to be confident in my beliefs. To put it into perspective


1525 words - 7 pages The experiences and situations confronted by individuals in their daily life influence their perception of others and themselves. Consequently, discovery is part of the human condition. This perspective on discovery is explored through Ivan O’Mahoney’s documentary Go Back to Where You Came From (GBTWYCF) (2011) in which six participants undertook a journey of a ‘refugee experiment’, all of whom have their perception of so-called ‘boat people

Essay On Religion Vs Materialistic Goods

1041 words - 5 pages probably so much of importance because our society now mingles and/or judges people based on what they wear. People wear brand names to fit in with a crowd but religion can also bring a sense of belonging as well. Religion can allow people to have the same knowledge over a vast subject. In North America, many religions are practiced but when we put it in perspective, many North Americans put more effort on items the buy than their religion. Therefore

Profiles in courage book by John F Kennedy - English 3 Ap - Essay

596 words - 3 pages Trials”. Robert A Taft considered the hard truth of the roles reversing and considering if the United States would have lost in the war against Vietnam would the soldiers who are now considered heros would be viewed as criminals. With Daniel Webster he did the same thing following what was not popular in a union that was divided into slavery that the main focus of expanding westward was completely put in the back burner. Daniel however came up with a

Essay on Letters of Heloise and Abelard - Dartmouth College - Hist 42 - Essay

902 words - 4 pages of bodily pleasures[footnoteRef:5]. Clearly, Heloise demonstrates her sharp and forceful character traits throughout the exchange. She aptly proves her default conviction and establishes what might seem like a relatively egalitarian perspective for the period in which she lived. [1: McLaughlin, Letter 2, 54] [2: McLaughlin, Letter 2, 55] [3: McLaughlin, Letter 2, 52] [4: McLaughlin, Letter 2, 53] [5: McLaughlin, Letter 1, 28] The most

Leonardo Da Vinci

509 words - 3 pages to one of the famous people who lived during the Renaissance and who wrote in the vernacular, Leonardo da Vinci.Art before Vinci was very boring and not to broad. It made Vinci and his art look bad, so he and another group of artists and came up with 2 major ways of how to paint. The first one was perspective and the other was chiaroscuro. Perspective was a painting that made people look real and also made them very, very realistic. Chiaroscuro

Essay On Modernism And Realism

766 words - 4 pages forth writers with a point of view that can be used very well by humans living everyday lives. This movement also gave a perspective that could be related to by all. The next to break into the mainstream was a style being refered to as Modernism. Writers like Sigmund Freud and Luigi Pirandello wrote about real life in a grand way. Norton's Anthology describes Modernism as, "A tradition of the new or an attempt to reject old habits of thought

I Heard The Owl Call My Name: Native American Perspective On Death

1137 words - 5 pages I Heard the Owl Call My Name is a 1967 film which opened a new perspective on Native Americans, beyond the cliché images put forth in Country Westerns of that time. This new perspective is seen later in the 1990s in films like Kevin Costner’s Dances with Wolves. In I Heard the Owl Call My Name, the main character Mark Brian encounters three main animals that act as metaphoric and literal representations of death, the salmon, the

Scott Russel Sanders The Men We Carry In Our Minds - University of Alberta English 102 - Summary essay

490 words - 2 pages perspective of what role men should play in society. To him, women live less confining lives than men since they work in “handsomer places than any factory”. Sanders experiences drastic social differences when he receives a scholarship to attend a university “meant for the children of the rich”. The vision of men that the women at university carried in their minds was one of power. The men that surrounded these women throughout their childhoods were men who

Historical Globalization Position Paper - Social Studies 10-1 - Essay

1221 words - 5 pages Free to which some still carry to this day. Therefore, we should embrace the perspective of this source to a great extent because people were put into slaves and not benefit much for it, their cultures and practices were being taken away and lastly, many people were killed as a result. As previously mentioned, Imperialism is the domination of one country’s cultural, political and economic institutions. Imperialism’s main motive is economic gain

The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime - english year 9 - essay

1039 words - 5 pages The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime How does Haddon use a range of techniques to convey his central ideas? The novel ‘The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime’, by Mark Haddon is set in the UK and focuses on the main character Christopher Boone. This book explores living with autism, family relationships, hope and optimism, through Christopher’s unique perspective and shows us how people with Asperger’s syndrome really see

Drinking Coffee Somewhere: A Profound Take on Modern America - Pierce College English 101 - Persuasive Essay

1000 words - 4 pages , Packer’s book reveals truths about the youth and young adults of cotemporary America, and how their experience of society is drastically different than the from the experiences of others. Moreover, Packer’s writing help to show the uniqueness of everyone’s experience in contemporary America and how each individual’s experiences ultimately help define the overall perspective of society as a whole. Therefore, I have concluded that Packer’s use of

Paul Krugman Degrees and Dollars - English 101 - Synthesis

857 words - 4 pages Free speaking, that computers help those who work with their minds, while hurting those who work with their hands”. Krugman thinks that education cannot fix everything in society. He thinks people should focus on restoring the middle-class society to make it the same as before, this way the attention on education is taken away and put on “real world” problems. Krugman also points out the fact that technology is advancing and could easily eliminate some jobs