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Against Reparations .A payment for slavery on behalf the nation presumes that whites and immigrants today, who mostly oppose racism and never have owned slaves, have to pay for a wrong doing because of what happened in the past. Such a payment promotes the very idea at the root of slavery: racial collectivism. Reparations to African Americans have already been paid, the reparations claim is an attempt to turn African Americans into victims and it is sending a damaging message to the African American community. Also there is no single group clearly responsible for the crime of slavery. This is why reparations should not be paid to African Americans because of their ancestor?s involvement of slavery.Reparations ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, in the time of the Civil War hundreds of thousands whites risked there lives to free African Americans. Few other wars in history have had so great human cost.Reparations will only bring about separatism and set African Americans against the nation. It will portray blacks as victims. For example, if African Americans are paid they are isolating themselves ever more from America. Africans will be considered victims and it will send a damaging message to the African American communities. To focus on something that happened more than 150 years ago is going to burden the African Americans with a sense that they were victimized. Furthermore, this is an attack on not only white Americans, but on all Americans.There is no group clearly responsible for crime of slavery. For example Spanish and Portuguese sailors brought over blacks hundreds or years ago. In addition, in 1861, only 10% of whites owned slaves. Also over the course of slavery there were 4000 African American slave-owners. Furthermore, blacks had a big part on enslaving too.African Americans should not be paid for slavery of their ancestors. Americans both black and white should reject the notion of reparations for slavery. African Americans have already been paid, it will turn them into victims, this is a multi-ethnic nation, and no group is fully responsible. People should uphold the ideal of a color-blind society because money is not the answer and is not going to solve anything, is going to create more problems. Lets not perpetuate division by harkening back to a society in which Americans of different races are at war.


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962 words - 4 pages Bilson William Bilson Professor Tuck English M01A April 3, 2019 The Issue of Reparations for African-Americans The ghost of slavery hangs as a dark shadow over the collective American memory. It is widely accepted as the worst stain on American history, and it is undeniable that the effects of slavery are still visible in America today, 154 years after its abolition. Many people have suggested that the American government owes a debt to the

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2036 words - 9 pages Free reparations this led to the occupation of the Ruhr in 1923; the governments decision to respond with “passive resistance” then caused hyperinflation. France became angry that Germany couldn’t pay so they sent troops into the German industrial area of the Ruhr, the French took raw materials, manufactured goods, and industrial machinery. The occupation of the Ruhr did the French little good, but it did cripple Germany. The German government urges

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627 words - 3 pages Free seek revenge for the treaty. The only way to make sure that the treaty stayed in place and was followed by all countries to be involved was to make sure it was fair and that all countries accepted its terms without resentmentGreat Britain agreed with the idea of a fair treaty, but wanted reparations from Germany in order to rebuild after the war. Lloyd-George demanded the whole cost of the war in reparations. He didn't see this as selfish because

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369 words - 2 pages The Treaty of Versailles was harsh to Germany. The reparations to the Allies was a heavy burden to Germany, it could not rebuild the economy after the war. The territorial arrangement led to loss of land and loss of Germans. The disarmament weakened its military power.Firstly, reparation of $6,600 millions for the losses and damages caused by the war to the Allies was a heavy burden to Germany. It had no money but it needed to pay for the

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373 words - 2 pages the religion they preach. During the time when the Holocaust occurred Germany was in chaos due to the blame of the other countries on Germany for W.W.I and was in dept. for the reparations they had to pay to the other countries for there destruction. Therefore Germany was desperate to gain back power and was willing to do anything to rebuild there society. Also other countries avoided Hitler's run at the world because they just got out of

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1603 words - 7 pages the treaty were harsh including war guilt, significant reparations, harsh military restrictions and territorial losses, possession of all Germanies colonies etc. The large reparations from the Treaty left Germany broke and in extreme debt. To fix this they attempted to pay for it all by printing more money, therefore decreasing the value of their currency. The territorial losses of the Rhineland also impacted on the economy as the Rhineland was

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2357 words - 10 pages : The establishment of the League of Nations War Guilt clause (Article 231)- Germany to accept blame for starting the war. Financial Clauses: Reparations - Germany was to pay for the damage caused by the war. The figure of £6,600 million ($33 billion in gold) was set some time after the signing of the treaty. Military Clauses: Army - Reduced to 100,000 men and no tanks were allowed. Navy - Germany was only allowed 6 ships and no submarines. Airforce

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1245 words - 5 pages successive incursions from Germany, etc.). The Soviet's hopes for claiming territory, inheriting colonies and gaining access to warm seaports are as 'imperial' as the allies' seeming prerogative of having practiced the same for centuries on end (i.e. the British and the French). Complaints regarding the USSR's ability to take reparations from the Soviet Zone and also 10% of the industrial equipment of the western zones as reparations are vindicated

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966 words - 4 pages because they made the first step when they invited Belgium in August 1914. They have to pay for what they have done to them and us. But I am confused about how less Germany should pay. Their damage in France was slightly bigger than the £ 6.6 billion reparations they pay to us. How should we rebuild our land with this small amount of money, what is beside split between the Allies, and the mines in the Saar. Germany still has enough economy and

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991 words - 4 pages reparations that were imposed upon Germany by the Treaty of Versailles meant that the economy of Germany could not handle it, and it went into hyperinflation. Germany became concerned with one thing which was their survival. Since the current government that time couldn’t handle it, the ideas of Hitler becoming chancellor was appealing to a lot of the people. The economic hardship was devastating, which lead to the rise of a dictator (Hitler). During the

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930 words - 4 pages Susan B. Anthony, we can clearly see that the “we” in “We the People” did not mean all citizens at that time and still does not mean all citizens now. Referring back the article Mothering a White Sons to Know # BlackLivesMatter, It Pays to be White, and Facing the Truth: The Case of Reparations both talk about the injustices and unequal treatment that African-Americans faces. From unfair treatment by law enforcement to unequal access to a good

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529 words - 3 pages actions, and so would have to pay reparations, or compensation for starting the war, of the then huge sum of £6.6 billion. This was very unpopular with the German people, who had always been told that Germany was winning, and so could not believe that this was accepted, as there were no Allied soldiers on German soil. This undermined the German monarchy.In conclusion, the Weimar Republic was not a very good democracy as it was not in control of their people and had many uprisings against it.

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545 words - 3 pages burdened with reparations. It alone was held guilty of the war. Thus it caused hatred in the minds of the Germans who were born and brought up in the cult of revenge.The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 greatly disappointed victorious Italy. This resulted in the rise of Fascist dictatorship in Italy under Mussolini and the Nazi dictatorship in Germany after 1932, under Hitler. Both the dictators embarked upon a career of open aggression.After World

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2331 words - 10 pages the war against Japan when Germany was defeated. Potsdam - July 1945: Germany had been defeated, Roosevelt had died and Churchill had lost the 1945 election - so there were open disagreements. Truman came away angry about the size of reparations and the fact that a communist government was being set up in Poland. Truman did not tell Stalin that he had the atomic bomb .Differences: Yalta Potsdam Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin Attlee, Truman and

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1244 words - 5 pages sign the Treaty of Versailles in July 1919. The punitive elements of the treaty, with its loss of territory, significant reparations and War Guilt clause, brought great shame to Germany and the politicians who signed it. The Treaty of Versailles “cast a long shadow over the political life” (William Carr) of the republic and aided the rise of Hitler, who, in sharp contrast to the policy of fulfilment, promised to overturn it. This appealed to