"Run Lola Run", Director: Tom Tykwer 1999. Analyse The Connotations Of The Selected Sequence. Also Pay Attention To How The Sequence May Be Reproducing A Specific Ideological Position

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The chosen sequence from "Run Lola Run" manages to incorporate various stylistic and editorial techniques into the short time span studied. (00.9.50-00.13.00)In an attempt to portray the emotions of both 'Lola' (Franka Potente) and 'Manni' (Moritz Bleibtreu) combined with the introduction and reinforcement of one of the main themes of the film itself; the standard editing techniques available to any director have been put to great use throughout Run Lola Run. It is within this short sequence, however, that we can identify them as being extremely effective.The sequence centres on a phone conversation between the two lovers, Manni and Lola, during which rhythmical editing is used in order to heighten the sense of emotion throughout their conversation. As the argument becomes increasingly heated, the shots subsequently become shorter in length. Tykwer utilises this fast cutting from character to character in order to boost the intensity of the scene and by managing to build a steadily increasing pace he therefore succeeds in making the viewer struggle to keep up and thus identify with the characters situation.'In general, by controlling editing rhythm, the filmmaker controls the amount of time we have to grasp and reflect on what we see'Specifically, this can be seen after Manni states:"That's it, I'll rob the store!"The words themselves are a clear indicator of the characters desperation but when combined with the general mise-en-scene (i.e.: the costume/makeup/props etc within Lola's flat and Manni's phone box) plus the applied editing techniques, we the viewesr begin to get a sense of the characters personalities - a vital point throughout the film.After Manni's suggestion comes Lola's understandable reaction which begins the aforementioned shot to shot between characters in time with the conversation. Here we can see evidence of graphic matching between the two extreme close ups of each of their faces although it still remains somewhat unconventional - by which I mean that despite the matching or 'mirroring' of their positions within the screen, Tykwer also uses graphic contrasting to show the underlying differences between the two personalities.'Our eyes and brains are better suited for noticing differences than for concentrating on uniform, prolonged stimuli.'For example; Manni's black telephone receiver as opposed to Lola's red one, the close cut black hair of the male as opposed to the untamed red mane of the female, the hardened frustrated face of Manni as opposed to the clearly defined, yet somewhat childlike, i.e.: innocent; features of Lola - all of which seem to me to be portraying each characters present outlook on life and the notable differences between them. The idea of robbing a store seems absurd to Lola whereas to Manni it seems like a viable option. The break from graphic matching to the birds-eye-view angle shot of Manni is significant in that it manages to portray Manni's world as somehow very small. The phone box...


Essay On Run With The Horsemen

541 words - 3 pages Free , "Keep yo head down, Sambo! For God's sake, keep yo head down an be stiller'n you ever been in yo life befo!" The same words are used as would be used by an educated person, only they are shortened or run together. The vivid imagery used throughout the novel allows the reader to have a better idea of what life was like. The summer plowing is said to have a rhythm that is "almost musical," The stride of a man "matched that of a mule in a

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2464 words - 10 pages Should health insurance be provided to all people and run by the government? Dawson Soogrim HFN11X Dawson Soogrim Mrs.Bacchus HFN11X 13 october 2017 Figuring out how Americans should receive healthcare has always been a controversial debate within Congress and amongst the people. The United States is one of the few developed nations that does not have a universal healthcare system and also spends more of its GDP on healthcare than any other OECD

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586 words - 3 pages seemed to start to run away with the game, putting Boston’s season out of reach (Brown). But the home team bounced back, bringing life back into Boston even at the brink of elimination. They had broke the momentum in two and had kept it for themselves. The Sox picked up 3 right after the Reds had scored in a historic comeback in the 8th through a remarkable three run homer by pinch-hitter Bernie Carbo, a hero for the moment, but even this would not

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1648 words - 7 pages they go through the votes, they would reduce the number of candidates based on their ranking. Any number votes still remaining from the candidates that are booted out of the race, would run off to the next candidate in line. It reminds me of how the tv series Survivor is run. Even this idea would have its challenges though. They would have to hire a lot more people to handle the increased amount of votes that would be coming in. This would hurt

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1233 words - 5 pages Astrophil and Stella begins in Sidney’s first sonnet of the sequence, where readers are only introduced to Astrophil. He, who one can assume to be a fictional form of the author (Sidney), expresses to readers not only his never-ending love for Stella and his dedication to one day having her, but also shows how selfish one can truly be. The story of Astrophil and Stella is one of love that is ever so one-sided; In a broad overview, Astrophil is

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1364 words - 6 pages  which courses are set that shape decades or centuries.  This can be such a moment.  Forces now are converging that make possible, for the first time, the hope that many of man’s  deepest aspirations can at last be realized. The spiraling pace of change allows us to  contemplate, within our own lifetime, advances that once would have taken centuries.  In throwing wide the horizons of space, we have discovered new horizons on earth.  For the first time

"The Scarlet Letter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne How Hester Prynne has romantic characteristics, but is inevitably transcendental. This essay is also meant to be a short one page paper

370 words - 2 pages comfortable to the afflicted!" Her creation of a new identity for herself individualizes her from the rest of society. No longer viewed how the Puritans expected the rest of society to view her as, Hester no longer carries a burden of punishment, but the burden of creating her own identity.Her final words of true intuition, "Be true! Be true! Be true! [...]" provides insight to her inner most feelings about herself. Hester never attempted to prove herself to anyone, but herself. And True to herself, she became a transcendentalist.

        To Some Many Of The Characters Of 1984 May Have

707 words - 3 pages ?s help, showing that Parsons himself was never really around or there for the family. Parsons?s children also left something to be said. His kids symbolize that literally no one should be trusted. Parsons?s daughter tells on him to the thought police, in our world today a child would rarely imprison a family member. Without this in the book I don?t think the realization of how much Big Brother is being enforced is being made.Katherine also shows

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898 words - 4 pages What technique does the director use to create a particular atmosphere or feeling in the film Psycho?'Psycho' is a horror-mystery thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and released in 1960 to critical acclaim. Hitchcock is able to keep audiences at the edge of their seats while also exploring the idea of the duality within all of us, amongst many other themes. The technical limitations of the 1960's only make this feat more amazing, as the

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377 words - 2 pages The hardships that the American colonists faced in the colonies from 1750 to 1776 resulted in them having a sense of identity and unity as Americans. Many other factors such as geography and culture played a big role too.The French and Indian War and other conflicts proved to the world that America was a formable opponent. The French and Indian War was fought over the Ohio Valley; the British saw the French as a threat since the colonies were

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1000 words - 4 pages , possibly the most heinous crime one can commit. Through this specific costume choice, Wilder successfully juxtaposes beauty with wickedness. The décor that creates the background of this sequence is also an important element of the mise-en-scene, which is also used to create a deceptive reality. Norma Desmond’s house is not of the average. It is a mansion. The mansion is not only massive, but it is filled entirely with pictorial representations of

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1724 words - 7 pages " (Chapter 3). This shows the ferocity of Baba, and how Amir looks up to him because it's from Amir's perspective. It is clear from the way he describes his father that he respects and wants to be just like him, but isn't. This is another reason why Amir wants redemption from his father. He describes how he attempts to get attention off Baba; he tries to take an interest in soccer, and Baba takes him to a Buzkashi tournament. Baba confesses, "If I hadn't

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818 words - 4 pages Imagine living in a society almost completely cut off from the rest of the world. Not only is this society isolated, discrimination and prejudice is nothing but way of life which you experience daily. Well, so how does all this seem to you? It is however, a sad fact that in today's "democratic" society, such is the reflection in parts of our global mirror. Little, if not no attention are given to the minorities - be it based on religions, races

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1038 words - 5 pages interview an incarcerated criminal, Hannibal Lecter, played by Anthony Hopkins, in order to try and solve the mystery of another crazed serial killer and abductor of the time period, Buffalo Bill. Buffalo Bill is thought to be responsible for the mysterious disappearances and murders of young women around the country. Starling is sent to seek assistance from Lector, who is locked away in a heavily guarded mental institution, for the murders he has

How The Future Looked In 1899 An Essay In Response To A Newsweek Article Citing Ninteenth Century Predictions Of How The Future Will Be

607 words - 3 pages been teetering of the edge of destruction.All quotes are from a January 1, 2000 article from NewsWeekYou may contact me if you need it.The teacher gave me a perfect and also encouraged me to write another essay for extra credit after she graded this essay.