The Challenges Inherent In Same-sex Adoption - West High Pre-ib Advanced English 10 - Research Paper

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Brown 1
Haley Brown
Mr. Kadlec
Advanced English 10 B
March 11 2019
The Challenges Inherent In Same-Sex Adoption
What if the government did not allow people to have any children, based on what they do
and do not like? This may sound absolutely ridiculous. Think about it this way; if someone
wanted a child but they did not like chocolate, bacon, pizza, or even cheeseburgers, they could
not have a child of their own. For quite a few reasons same-sex adoption continues to endure
hate, therefore, many same-sex couples could not adopt children. Only one question remains,
would they rather have no parents, straight parents who do not love them, or same-sex parents
that do love them? ​Assuming most people would rather have same-sex parents that love them,
more same-sex couples should start adopting and have the right to do so. The LGBTQ+
community should have the ability to adopt because they love just the same as everyone else; and
entirely too many children who need and want parents are being denied those parents because
they engage in activities that some define as deviant.
One of the reasons same-sex adoptive parents may hear negativity, could belong to the
fact that some people think couples should have to make the children themselves; rather than
find a way out of a relationship, due to drama or how hard it seems. They also believe that a
relationship consists of a man and a woman, not a man and a man nor a woman and a woman.
(Novak and Langenberg). However, abandoned children live out in the world looking for a
home. They would love to have someone, almost anyone, as a parent.
Brown 2
Other people think a higher chance of sexual assault, abuse, or a higher likelihood of
being gay, or any part of the queer community occurs having same sex parents. However, no
data has actually pointed to any of this. No proof of becoming gay, or any other part of the queer
community actually exists (Silverman). Obviously their statements were found inaccurate.
Abuse, sexual assault, and being queer can happen in any household; whether they were raised
by a homosexual couple, or a heterosexual couple.
Some people's definition of parents transpires as a man and a woman, preferably married,
yet another reason same-sex adoption endures criticism from many people. “[...]Set up a family
environment where there is a man and a woman bringing up the child” (Novak and
Langenberg). Basically saying that gays and lesbians do not count as parents, or at least not
acceptable ones.
Same-sex parents behave and act just the same as straight parents. Some people believe
that same-sex couples do not love the same as straight people, therefore they will not love the
child, or they will love the child too much. People worry about the sexual assault and/or abuse
that may occur because of this. Others believe that even straight parents risk this exact same
thing, no matter who the parents are the risk will occur. Although people do still believe in
same-sex couples. “56% Thought ...

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