Sclt 3385 Answers For Exam 1 (One) University Of Houston Sclt 3385 Exam

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1. The benefits of inland waterway (barge) include:
A few of the detrimental aspects of trucking are:
A few of the detrimental aspects of trucking are:
A few of the detrimental aspects of trucking are:
Low operating costs
Fuel efficient
Low environmental impact
Good for heavy bulk cargo
All above
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1. Elements that are part of the transportation industry are:
Manufacturing of traffic signals
Refining of crude oil for aviation fuel
Shipbuilding companies
The military
All above
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1. In the U.S. motor carriers of property are generally liable for 100% of the delivered market value of any loss of or damage to said property.
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1. Pipelines require high initial capital costs to construct them.
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1. The “profile” of railroading includes which of these:
“Greener” than trucking
More fuel efficient than trucking
Inflexible service areas
High capital costs
All the above
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1. “Merger Mania” dramatically reduced the number of Class I railroads in the U.S. from __________ to 7
None of the above.
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1. A stakeholder is a person who:
Owes you money
Loaned you money
Has a strong interest in you and your organization succeeding
A partial owner of the company for which you work
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1. Typically we think of domestic Intermodal transportation as a combination of:
a & b
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1. What factors drive the cost of transportation?
Load factors
Pricing (rates)
Service level
Lane of Traffic
All above
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1. Pipelines are labor intensive to operate
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1. A Transportation Management Program should include all the following EXCEPT:
A sound process for handling, capturing and reporting freight expenses
Free tickets to Houston Texans games given to you by a carrier sales rep
A solid, logical carrier qualification & selection process
A rigorous Supplier Management Process
An optimization methodology
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1. Rail is excellent for hauling:
Heavy loads of cargo
Bulky cargo
Long distances
Cargo that is for residential delivery
a, b and c
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1. One barge can carry the equivalent of ________rail cars or _______ trucks.
10, 20
60, 15
5, 60
15, 60
None of these
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1. Air freight is generally the fastest mode, but the cost is 5-8 times greater that surface modes.
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1. Pipeline is the least costly method for transporting vast quantities of gas or liquid across long distances.
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1. The Staggers Act was a very important transportation deregulation legislation. It:
Provided greater pricing freedom
Streamlined merger timetables
Expedited line abandonment process
Allowed multi-modal ownership
Permitted confidential contracts with shippers
All the above
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