The Characters Of The Crucible's Faith Being Tested Westwood English 2 Essay

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Crucible Definition
The Crucible​ is full of tests of characters’ character, faith, and beliefs through the court.
The definition of crucible is a severe test, as of patience or belief; a trial. This could be why
Arthur Miller chose to name his play ​The Crucible​. Characters such as Elizabeth Proctor, John
Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, and many others are tested, whether they are innocent or guilty. The
responses of the characters varies, however. In ​The Crucible​, many characters have their
character, faith, or beliefs tested, and the way they respond will change their fate.
John Proctor is put in a very sticky situation when he has to either sign a confession or be
hanged. Parris says, “Proctor, the village must have proof that--,”(Miller 104) confirming that the
village want Proctor to sign the confession so that they have written evidence of John Proctor’s
guilt. If he signs the confession, his legacy will be ruined, and the village will have permanent
proof that he was guilty, but he won’t be hanged. If he doesn’t sign the confession, he will be
hanged, but there will be no written proof that he was guilty, and his legacy will live on. Proctor
decides not to sign the confession and says, “Damn the village! I...

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