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Humanities 130
The central belief in the Muslim faith is that "there is only one God and Muhammad is his
prophet." The Quran is the text of reading divinely revealed to Muhammad from Allah (God). In addition to
reading the text, good works shows a Muslims measure of faith. Muslims do not believe in the inheritance
of sin from Adam for each man makes his own destiny in this path.
Moreover, the five pillars in the Islamic faith refer to the five obligations of its followers. Shahad is
the confession of faith, which seems relatively easy ...view middle of the document...

This tithe is a
cleansing of wealth to keep ones sight on Allah and not personal gain. It is also in place so that society
helps one another. Siyam or fasting is the fourth pillar of obligation. The recommendation for this
obligation is to perform it often but only required during Ramadan. Fasting includes food, drink, and
sexual relations. The fifth of the pillars is Hajj or the pilgrimage required for those who are physically and
financially able. This is a symbolic pilgrimage because of the ancestral plight to bring all Muslim nations
The easiest of the pillars to fulfill if I were a Muslim would be all except the pilgrimage; this is
because of health and lack of wealth. The pilgrimage would be an obstacle; although the obstacle would
not prevent me from having the desire and searching for ways to make the journey. A faith is only as
faithful as its followers are; with that said confession of faith, prayer, tithing to the poor and giving of
personal wealth to others, and lastly fasting for the sake of meditation and soul cleansing seems easy
obligations for me to complete for something I believed in.

Humanities 130
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