AMD, Canonical Deliver Ubuntu-based OpenStack Server Solution

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 17, 2014

Canonical just keeps deepening its commitment to the OpenStack cloud computing platform, to the point where a lot of people who are loyal to the company for its Linux roots may not recognize its business model in a few years. Canonical is now partnering with AMD to upgrade the OpenStack cloud in the box concept that we've seen in the Ubuntu Orange Box to an OpenStack cloud housed on a rack.

The Orange Box, of course, capitalized on the fact that many people are deploying OpenStack on top of Ubuntu, and the new OpenStack on a rack concept serves up Ubuntu LTS 14.04 and OpenStack in one bundled offering.

Specifically, the bundle comes on a set of rack-mounted servers and includes Canonical's Metal-as-a-Service (MaaS) and Juju DevOps program.

"AMD and Canonical have dedicated a tremendous amount of engineering resources to ensure an integrated solution that removes the complexity of an OpenStack technology deployment," said Dhiraj Mallick, corporate vice president and general manager, AMD data center server solutions, in a statement. "The SM15000 server, Ubuntu LTS 14.04 and OpenStack is an amazing solution filling a need in the industry for an OpenStack solution that can be deployed easily without spending a fortune on professional services or hiring teams of people."

The SeaMicro SM15000 server and Ubuntu LTS 14.04 and OpenStack solution is billed as one of the most scalable solutions in the industry. It is available today and you can learn more about it by emailing

"Canonical has developed the most sophisticated set of tools in the industry to remove the complexity of an enterprise grade OpenStack deployment," said John Zannos, vice president of cloud channels and alliances at Canonical. "The AMD-Canonical OpenStack solution bundle will help drive increased velocity for clients seeking to leverage scale-out cloud technology for next generation workloads." 

In conjunction with OpenStack Summit late last year, the OpenStack Foundation released the results of a broad user survey it did, and it showed that more than half of OpenStack deployments are built on top of Ubuntu. Canonical is becoming ever more focused on the relationship between Ubuntu and OpenStack.