Debian's New Look, Red Hat Giveaways, Ubuntu Advantage

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 26, 2016

The Debian project today announced the winner of their theme proposal contest. The winning theme brings pleasing green hues with soft contouring lines to the next version of Debian. Elsewhere, the Linux Journal has partnered up with Red Hat to bring swag to readers and Canonical explained the "Ubuntu Advantage." Diego E. Pettenò shared some Gentoo Miniconf 2016 moments and introduced readers to Gentoo.

The newest eye candy to grace the default desktops of Debian 9 users is very tasteful and beautiful. The color palate is easy on the eyes while providing warmth and a professional aura. This year's winner is a remarkably wonderful job by returning designer Juliette Belin, who just happened to have designed last version's theme. 3,479 folks voted and Laura Arjona explained the vote gathering and counting methodology. I started getting a headache trying to understand that, so suffice to say the prettiest won. The other submissions are being combined into one package for easy installation.

Beautiful "softWaves" login background for Debian 9
Debian 9 "softWaves" wallpaper

If you like Red Hat and free stuff, then the Linux Journal has an offer you can't refuse. Enter to win free tumblers, scarves, and the grand prize, a Red Hat Video Classroom Course. Everyone who enters gets access Linux Journal's vast archives.

Canonical posted one of their colorful infographics today, this one explaining why a business might benefit from the "Ubuntu Advantage." What organizations use Ubuntu Advantage? Telcos, retailers, video services, and Web services including AT&T, Walmart, and ebay. The service includes Landscape server management tool, 24/7 telephone support, optional "dedicated support engineer," and the Canonical Livepatch Service. It cost $150 a year for desktops with a minimal purchase of 50 units, $250 a year for Virtual Guest sold in 10-pack units, and $750 a year for servers.

In other news:

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