Fedora's Wallpaper, Linux Gaming, CeBIT Live

by Ostatic Staff - Mar. 15, 2016

Today in Linux news, the Fedora 24 default Wallpaper was revealed. Elsewhere, GamingonLinux tried to calculate the number of Linux gamers while bloggers ran down their favorite games. Jesse Smith reviewed ReactOS and Matt Asay said "bugs are normal," and not the point. Opensource.com posted a list of FOSS podcasts and Italo Vignoli shared photos from CeBIT.

Last Thursday Luya Tshimbalanga posted of the Fedora 24 wallpaper availability and today Masha Leonova asked your opinion. Leonova shared the process from idea to image as well, and now awaits "constructive and helpful" feedback.

Spring is here, and it's the time when a young geek's mind turns to gaming. First up is this guest post at GamingonLinux estimating the number of Linux gamers to total around 1.6 to 2 million. He thinks 3.2% of game purchases are for Linux and that indicates "impressive growth" in last several years. "It's anything but stagnating."

Unixman Hossein Heydari listed several games he thinks all users should try today. They included games like Stuntrally and Oad with hints how to install. Duskfire followed up with look at first person shooters. He pulled five that are available in Debian, Ubuntu, and Mint repositories. Part 2 to follow.

Matt Asay today said that bugs in software are normal and rushing to fix every single one of them may not be the best approach. Asay and friends contend that the alternative to bugs is less software. Heinemeier Hansson told Asay that not all bugs need fixing. Some are just annoying and users are egotistical to think all bugs that annoy us should be fixed.

The value of any given bug can be rated by the number of users affected times the criticality of the issue. Lots of users are losing all their data due to this bug? Okay, then, Very Damn Important! Fix it NOW! Lots of users are a little annoyed or confused by this? Probably should fix it some time soon. A few users have to spend another 30 seconds on a work around? Unlikely to get fixed any time soon!

In other news:

* LibreOffice at CeBIT

* 15 podcasts for FOSS fans

* ReactOS 0.4.0