FreeBSD 10, Kali Nuclear Option, and Why Linux Lost?

by Ostatic Staff - Jan. 06, 2014

The new year is starting off right by presenting all kinds of interesting choices in the news today. Phoronix lists the goodies coming in FreeBSD 10. BackTrack successor Kali Linux developer Mati Aharoni is testing a patch that adds an "Emergency Self Destruct" to the security suite. Dan Kusnetzky tells us why Linux didn't "win on the desktop."

FreeBSD 10 is due out any day now and Mkchael Larabel at has list the "10 Best Features" users might expect. Raspberry Pi and other ARM support tops the list as one of the new features coming in FreeBSD 10. Others include the LLVM Clang replacement for GCC as default compiler and AMD Radeon KMS support has been added. See that full article for more Top 10 Features. In other FreeBSD news, Sam Varghese reported today that FreeBSD veterans have "denied that FreeBSD is trailing behind when it comes to security practices, asserting that over the past decade FreeBSD has made good design and engineering choices in its /dev/random." See that article for that full story.

With so much concern over privacy (or the lack thereof) lately, Kali Linux developers are testing a what they are calling a "nuke" option to their installs that would "destroy, rather than decrypt, the data on our drive." Mati Aharoni wrote today that a patch has been implemented and a package released for those wishing to test it and offer feedback. See Aharoni's full post for more details, instructions, and the opinion poll.

Last, but not least, is this piece by Dan Kusnetzky saying that Linux didn't win on the desktop because of indispensable applications on Windows, companies resist change, and the "too many distributions" confusion. He goes into more detail before sharing the good news, so be sure to catch that one for that.

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