Poisoning Rats, Understanding Debian, and New OpenSSL Policy

by Ostatic Staff - Sep. 10, 2014

Today in Linux news former Red Hat CTO Brian Stevens lands on his feet. Phoronix.com points to Claudio Ferreira's amazing new Debian infographic. ZDNet's Chris Duckett covers OpenSSL's new security policy, instituted in reaction to Heartbleed. Bryan Lunduke shares his experience test driving minimalistic desktop ratpoison and "particularly scary" Outlast looks to be heading to Linux. And that's not all.

Our top story tonight is the new gig of former Red Hat CTO, who mysteriously resigned after 13 years recently. It was widely covered today that Brian Stevens landed a new job at Google. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols said at ZDNet that it isn't really officially announced, but Stevens updated his Linkin profile to include this new position as vice-president of cloud platforms. Vaughan-Nichols says this is a signal to the world that Google is serious about dominating the cloud scene. In related Red Hat news, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the Leading Platform for Top-Tier Performance.

OpenSSL has released their new security plan in light of recent widely-publicized failings. It outlines how the project will handle security and security issues going forward. Internally, security risks will be classified according to threat level; i.e. low, moderate, or high. Once a fix is on its way, Linux distributions and other interested organizations will be pre-notified a few days before the public announcement is made.

Claudio Ferreira has created a wonderful infographic depicting the lineage and development flow of the distribution Debian. Michael Larabel says, "Covered in the Understanding Debian infographic is everything from its various repositories to looking at the developer count to getting involved and the yearly Debian conferences and releases." Ferreira said his motivation "was the difficulty that the general public has to understand Debian, its areas, their numbers or their general operation."

In gaming news today: Outlast, A First Person Horror Game Looks Like It Will Come To Linux, Darksiders Is Getting Close To A Linux Release, and Puppy Games Could Be the First Studio to Stop Linux Support Due to Low Sales.

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