Ubuntu 14.10 Released, openSUSE GNOME Peek, and Debian Multimedia

by Ostatic Staff - Oct. 23, 2014

The release of Ubuntu 14.10, codenamed Utopic Unicorn, was the big news today. But in other news, Kostas Koudaras has a sneak peek of GNOME in upcoming openSUSE 13.2 and Alessio Treglia shared some bits on Debian 8.0 multimedia. Miguel de Icaza announces Mono for the Unreal Engine and, finally, Erich Schubert says avoiding systemd isn't hard at all.

Today's top story must be the release of Ubuntu 14.10. While not getting the number of headlines as in days passed, Ubuntu can still dominate the news like with today's announcement of Utopic Unicorn. Reading it demonstrates that the big change this release is the lack of big changes. Update is major theme of this release with a side order of "not yet with convergence. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols is one of many covering the release saying, "The Ubuntu 14.10 desktop is new and improved, but it's on the server and cloud side where this new Linux distro really shines." Jane Silber, Canonical CEO, today reflects on "ten years of Ubuntu." She said, "All Ubuntu releases seem to have their own personality, and Utopic is a fitting way to commemorate the realisation of a decade of vision, hard work and collaboration."

Kostas Koudaras today posted a "sneak peek into GNOME on openSUSE 13.2." He said GNOME 3.14.1 "improves upon the user-experience of GNOME 3.10 several notches." He walks users through the laundry list of new and improved features including completely revampled Totem movie player, improved Shell, and new default applications. All that is sitting on top of a brand new theme as well. Koudaras said a lot of work went into making this the prettiest and best performing GNOME ever.

Alessio Treglia posted today of "some interesting news to share for the Jessie release" from the Debian Multimedia Maintainers. He said improvements to multimedia support include new and improved frameworks and libraries for codec support, newest plugins, and toolkits. His report even introduced new multimedia applications like Advene video annotation, dvd-slideshow, Groove Basin music server, and HandBrake transcoder. See Treglia's full post for lots more on that.

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