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5 Codes of Power
The idea of power is one that mankind has been struggling to define since the beginning of time.
The cavemen believed power to be a show of brute strength. The Roman rulers believed power
was given from the Gods and Goddess of the sky. In today’s society, the president of the United
States uses his power to make impactful decisions that affect our country and the world. One
thing is quite clear, the word power has a plethora of meanings.
In a book titled, The Silenced Dialogue, the social justice crusader author, Lisa Delpit, takes a
poignant look at how children of minorities and people of varying socioeconomic status are
being taught through her five codes of power in our education system.
The first code of power is the “issue of power enacted in the classroom.” The intended thought
is that schools shape your future. For students, teachers prepare you for your future and your
future or self worth is determined by your success as an adult.
The second code is the “culture of power” in our communities. It simply states that where we live
and who were surrounded by shape our viewpoints. People who grow up with privilege have a
greater chance of success do to their wealth and influence then those from poorer areas who
lack positive role models and are surrounded by violence on a daily basis.
The third code intently points out the “rules of powerful people.” Delpit believes that students
who live in high socioeconomic areas are stronger in school, due to the...

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