The Silver Sword Novel Book Reading Log Ncea Level 1 Essay

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Title: The Silver Sword
Text type: Novel
Author: Ian Serraillier
"The Silver Sword" is a novel about a family called The Polish family. The characters in the "Silver Sword" are Edek, Bronia, Ruth, Joseph(father), Margrit(mother) and lastly Jan who is not a part of the Polish family but gets accepted later on to be a part of the Polish family. When the Nazis occupied Poland at the beginning of World War Two the three kids parents are taken away by the Nazis. The kids cross the border to Switzerland to save their parents. They are situated in Switzerland in Poland and are about to take a risky journey, hiding from guards, crossing dangerous rapids, in order to find and save their parents from the Nazis.
The novel is built around strong characters and one of the characters I believe is important is Bronia who is six-year-old and the youngest from her family. She is quite unlikely because she didn't get to spend enough time with her parents but due to Ruth's love for her she grew up as a lovely, wise girl. In the beginning of the story Bronia is heavily reliant on Ruth for her wellbeing, but at the end of the story she learns to take care of herself, as she says to Ruth "I am a big girl now!". This shows me that Ruth is a good sister to Bronia. This makes me feel that you should always look after your sibling when your parents are not at home.
Another character who I thought was very important was Edek who starts off as a shy twelve-year-old boy. Edek is important to Bronia and Ruth because he knew exactly where to go to get to their parents. Edek helps his siblings Bronia and Ruth to find food and build shelter due to the Nazis explosions. But later on, Bronia and Ruth find it hard without as he gets injured. Later on in the novel, he gets more and more independent and brave as he realizes how hard it is without parents being there with you. In the novel, he helps his siblings Bronia and Ruth to find food and build shelter due to the Nazis explosions. This character can relate to me because I had to become more independent when I traveled to Australia on my own. I had to iron my own clothes, Wake-up by myself as my parents were not there to wake me up and pack my own suitcase by myself when I was coming back to Auckland.
A character I found inspiring was Ruth who is a 17-year-old mature and responsible girl. Ruth is shown as a brave girl in the novel, Ruth was the one that decided to go to Switzerland to find their parents. This makes...


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