A Hope More Powerful Than The Sea 10a Review

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A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea – Melissa Fleming
Sophia Hardcastle
The main reason I chose Melissa Fleming’s A Heart More Powerful Than the Sea was firstly because Georgia wanted it. I also thought the cover of the book was so appealing. Based on the title, I thought the book could be a very interesting refugee story and I am very glad I have chosen this to be my book for this terms unit.
The book has lots of meaning through struggle and hope and I’m eager to continue reading to find out what happens next in Doaa al-Zamel’s life. Being a biography, I really sympathise with Doaa and her family and it’s very interesting to see what type of lifestyle they lived. As a young girl, she wasn’t exposed to the rising political tension in Syria, only the rising tension in her family. The pressures to have a baby boy isn’t as important in Western cultures which may be why I find this difficult to understand. Doaa however, doesn’t let this stop her from her dreams. I admire Doaa’s determination. She has so many aspirations which are brutally crushed when she realises her dream-job isn’t quite as it may seem but she carries on dreami...


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779 words - 4 pages daughter running away from home to marry a Christian, taking some of his money and jewels with her. What is perhaps worst of all is the fact that Shylock is forced to become a Christian himself. It is through these events that we can truly see that Shylock is nothing more than a helpless victim. In The Merchant of Venice, Jessica, Shylock’s only daughter, decides to run away to marry a Christian, taking some of Shylock’s jewels and riches with

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608 words - 3 pages The Socs were more of a disgrace and menace to society than the Greasers because they knew that they were better off than the Greasers and they used that against them. The Socs could easily do something rebellious and blame it on the Greasers because the police saw them as a pest to society. They were seen as the menace of society, but is all that really true? Sure, they don't look like the nicest people in town, but there is more to them than

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764 words - 4 pages even after he died bought Scrooge to tears, knowing that his clerk, nephew and family hated him and have now all forgotten about him. This fear was shown by this ghost and was the only thing he could not bear to look at. He even admits he fears this ghost the most when he says to the ghost, “I fear you more than any spectre I have seen”. This was the only ghost that Scrooge begged to know if he could change the future after being shown this. Only

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933 words - 4 pages work in a temporary exhibit. She was born in 1988 and has been making paintings, prints, and models for more than 60 years. Celmins started her career in Los Angeles and moved to New York and constantly switched between mediums, making well-known works in the way. She is best known for referencing and reducing large expanses of the night sky and the oceans into small pieces. Some pieces in modern art may seem easy to do or not attractive by its

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872 words - 4 pages it at exactly the right place in the rice plant’s genome – and there’s no way of controlling where the bacterium is going to land. It’s a bit like trying to edit a book by taking a passage from another book and pasting it in at random. You may have to do this procedure many times before you get the result you’re looking for. Q: And what has changed? There are new techniques that enable DNA to be edited much more precisely – more like editing a

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1965 words - 8 pages ordinary manager who looks forward to adventure but never makes his action. However, some events motivate individuals to take risks and overcome those challenge with courage and carry out heroic activities. Walter Mitty’s admiration towards Cheryl Melhoff encourage him to step on his adventure’s journey. However(NEED CHANGE DUE TO THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE), in the novel The Old Man and the Sea, Santiago is a born hero and created to demonstrate the

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3006 words - 13 pages influence held by Agrippina as a result of her marriage to the emperor. He argued that, “As soon as Agrippina had come to live in the palace she gained complete control over Claudius.”[footnoteRef:13] Cassius even claimed that she had ‘more power than Claudius himself.’[footnoteRef:14] Agrippina was no ordinary Roman woman, despite male resistance to females holding political power during the time period she was able to take advantage of her marriage to

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519 words - 3 pages This divesting yet ultimately redemptive story accented with drawings and photographs making it a natural successor. 5o cents book playground speaks about adolescent and teenage life, and how he was affected by bullying. He explores this topical issue by sharing some of his own experiences in this fiction zed story. His aim was to reach out to us and show us how bullies are created and that there is hope to overcome it. The story is narrated

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469 words - 2 pages meaning behind it. The stories that used to keep him moving forward started to turn into nothing but a fable. Yet, Ishmael does survive his misery with his guiltless sense of hope and memories of kind people who had taught him there was more to life then what he was currently living in. When Ishmael is a soldier, he is deprived from a connection to his life. His hope becomes less in the caught up on drugs and violence. He gives up any dream of a

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1122 words - 5 pages (Firman,1998; Gugler, 2004; Lemanski, 2007). The author examined that for a global city model, urban transport forms part of the economic viability for Delhi government. It states that commuting in Delhi was mostly through road transport, therefore the government had planned to include a metro railway and a high qualified bus system in the Delhi transport system. However, I was more interested to know how a globalised Delhi This can lead to

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891 words - 4 pages Free broke. But, thank God, they are not as intelligent as we who kill them; although they are more noble and more able." (Hemingway63). Also his feelings about the sea demonstrate his will to battle with the strong forces of nature. It is said that "The clouds were building up now for the trade wind and he looked ahead and saw a flight of wild ducks etching themselves against the sky over the water, then blurring, then etching again and he knew no man


835 words - 4 pages Samantha Lara Ms. Tuxill Speech & Communication 10-08-18 The Truth Behind Anxiety Everybody becomes anxious at some point in their lives. We all know what it feels like to be anxious, right? It’s the butterflies in your stomach before a first date, or the tension you feel when your teacher calls you to answer a question you don’t know the answer to, or the way your heart pounds if you’re in danger, or the pressure you feel if your the first one