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The most important element in having a successful government is a constitution that creates governing bodies and enumerates and limits the powers of those governing bodies. To have a stable government, a country must have the rule of law, which is the supremacy of the country’s law in governing every citizen, regardless of social or political status. Without a constitution ruling the people running a country’s government, these people have the authority to run the government as they see fit. A system of government run by a person or persons with ultimate authority is called tyranny, and no country has ever thrived under a tyrannical system.
Union is impossible without equality, and equality inherently facilitates unity. If all citizens are not equal under the law, then there will be divisions and classes. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “A house divided can not stand.” The only way for a people to be equal under the law is under a constitution that outlines the laws that will rule all citizens and serve as the supreme law of the land.
Some would argue that government is not necessary at all and that a people can govern themselves without some entity acting as the main authority. These people are sorely mistaken. Without a government, there is no order, unity, or defense. A nation without a government has no hope of having a solid defense. To have peace, a nation must have strength. Theodore Roosevelt said, “Speak softly, and carry a big stick.” This is the concept of peace through strength, the idea of establishing a peaceful society by making other countries unwilling to attack the United States because of her strength. Although it may seem ironic, the only way a country can safely remain neutral is through military strength, and the only way this strength is possible is by a government organized by a sound constitution.
The purpose of a constitution is 1.) to lay out the powers that the people grant to the government, 2.) to determine how the leaders of the government shall be chosen, 3.) to establish governing bodies, and 4.) to enumerate as well as limit their powers. A solid constitution should ensure that power is not abused by those in power, and establish a means of enforcing the law on these individuals. More important than a constitution’s responsibility to grant power to the leaders of the government is its responsibility to limit the power granted to these leaders.
The United States Constitution is the longest lasting constitution in history and is esteemed as possibly the most successful constitution in history.
It is the supreme law of the land, and all citizens are subject to it, no matter their position of political status. Only twenty-one amendments exist to the US Constitution, exhibiting the stability of the document. The US Constitution is made up of seven articles, each with a specific purpose. It is a fine example of a constitution that is well-written and successful.
The United States Constitution includes...

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