An Analysis On How Effective Communication Techniques Can Contribute To A Success Business Ashford Bus 600 Research Paper

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Running head: The Relationship Between a Successful Business and Effective Communication 1
The Relationship Between a Successful Business and Effective Communication 5
Sustaining a Successful Business: An Analysis on How Effective Communication Techniques Can Contribute to a Success Business
Stephenie Moss
BUS 600: Management Communications with Technology Tools
Professor Kurt Diesch
January 20, 2018
It is important to recognize the value of communication, not just in the everyday world, but in business as well. Without effective communication a business will not survive nor be successful. One must understand the relationship between effective communication from management and the other essential principles of management communications as it relates to the success and achievement of organizational goals and objectives. We must differentiate how to communicate in different settings, as well as knowing when is the right time to communicate and weigh that effectiveness. A few of these principles that can be used, by management, to be used towards organization success are: Effective communication, Interpersonal communication, Verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening, and interpersonal and intercultural interpersonal communication (Baack, 2012). Business owners and managers need to be fully aware of the various principles, problems, and applications of effective communication as how they need to apply it to their businesses.
Effective communication is an essential principle to a successful business or organization. The assumption that has been made before regarding communication is that it’s a free flow of information from the messenger or writer to the listener (Weber & Friedman, 2000). But, this assumption is not truthful or realistic. These problems that arise during these communication flows are referred to as barriers, breakdowns, or obstacles towards effective communication (Weber & Friedman, 2000). These problems can actually be harmful as it can develop in the messenger, the listener, or to both. Both, managers and employees, must recognize and understand why communication problems occur in order for them to identify the problem and solve it. Some problems that can effect effective communication in business are: poor organization, bias attitudes, lack of credibility, defensiveness, poor timing, lack of feedback, not listening, jumping to conclusions, and physical noise or distractions (Weber & Friedman, 2000). The way you communicate, and the technique in which you do it, establishes you and sets you apart from others. Communication is everywhere and we have a responsibility when putting out messages and communicating. It is important to recognize the importance of communicating as we have to have some form of comfortability of communicating through writing and speaking with people. You must know how to communicate effectively and be comfortable with the communication process. This includes both verbal and non-ver...


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