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Analyze The Contributions Of Washing And Jefferson In Helping Establish A Stable Government After The Adoption Of The Constitution

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In 1789, the first person was elected to become the first president of the United States of America under the Constitution. The first person was Washington. Following Washington years later was the third president, Jefferson. The first few presidents of the United States contributed to establish a stable government after the adoption of the Constitution. They stabilized the government through international affairs and internal affairs.Washington contributed to the stability of the government through internal affairs. One such series of affairs started out through the Hamilton's Fiscal Plan. Because of the Fiscal Plan, which was made to stabilize the economy, was the reason for the Whiskey rebellion. What Washington did was take ...view middle of the document...

One such event would be the conflict with Britain and France in 1793. France wanted the US to side with them because of the Franco-American Alliance in 1778; however, Washington didn't want to get involved with other nations' problems. Washington declared the Neutrality Proclamation in 1793. This kept the US out of any conflict. This neutrality would be the basis of all of the US's foreign policy for the next hundred years.Like Washington, Jefferson also aided in the stability of the government under the Constitution through internal affairs. One internal affair that Jefferson's term of office went through was the Marbury vs. Madison Case of 1803. The resolution of this conflict strengthened the stability of the judicial branch of the government and therefore strengthening the stability of the government. Jefferson's election also found flaws in the Electoral College which lead to the 12th amendment of the constitution which fixed the problem in the election process which strengthens the stability of the government.Similarly, Jefferson also strengthened the stability of the government through international affairs. One such event would be the Tripolitan War. This event led to the development of the US navy and marines. They would strengthen the nation's protection forces which in turn strengthen the US government.The following years after the presidency of Washington and Jefferson were able because of the contributions that Washington and Jefferson made to stabilize the government. Both presidents aided in the stability of the government through internal affairs like fixing flaws in the Electoral College and through international affairs like foreign policies with Britain and France.

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