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Automated System Recovery ( Also known as ASR ) allows the end-user to restore the system disk including the Windows files, all Registry settings and user programs / data, allowing the recovery of a completely crashed system.Note ASR requires:-The ability to boot the Windows XP Professional Setup-program from a CD or other methods- 1 - 2 Gigabytes of free space on a separate hard drive partition or removable media- 1 Formatted 1.44 DisketteAutomated System Recovery - Backing UpFirst you must create the ASR Back-up Floppy Diskcontaining the ASR Back-up File by using the Back-upUtility. Located under: Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Backup (Figure 1) The Backup Utility will open and Welcomes you, Choose Advanced Mode (Figure 2) , On the Advanced Mode Backup Utility Window choose "Automated System Recovery Wizard" (Figure 3)The Wizard will start, advising that a Backup and the ASR disk will be created : (Figure 4), Continue by Clicking NextYou will be prompted for the location of a Backup-file. It will become a file of approx. 1-2 gigabytes, so do not select the default A:\ ,but change it to a disk-location other then the drive/partition being restored. The selected drive/partition will be formatted as well as the produced backup file.(Figure 5)"Completing the ASR Preparation Wizard" will prompt advising that you have completed the wizard.(Figure 6). When you click Finish, the Wizard creates a backup of your system files (Figures 7 and 8). You will then be asked to insert a floppy disk.(Figure 9), used in the backup utility to restore your System in an event of a major failure. Continue with "Finish".After that portion, the backup process has completed and the diskette has been inserted, system files will be copied to the diskette (Figure 10). Once files have been transferred you will be prompted to remove the floppy (Figure 11), completing the backup processAutomated System Recovery - Recovering with the use of the ASR FloppyOnce all other methods to start the system fail, you can use the ASR backup-file and floppy diskto return the system to the status as it was during the creation of the ASR backup.Boot from the CD-rom or other media containing the Windows XP Professional Setup-program. Pressing any key if prompted (Figure 12), Setup has initiated once "Inspecting your computers hardware" appears (Figure 13)Setup will then display "Press F2 to run Automated System Recovery (ASR) ..." on the bottom of the blue setup screen (Figure 14), Press F2 now to Automate System Recovery. Next you'll be prompted to insert your previously made backup diskette.(Figure 15). Then ASR will display that its preparing and will give you a few seconds to exit the backup (Figure 16). This is a good feature since ASR will next format your hard drive without first asking you (Figure 17)Then ASR will copy setup files form the CD or other media needed for the backup to continue (Figure 18), when completed, your system will restart and continue the installation(Figure 19)Automated System Recovery - Recovering Without the use of the ASR FloppyIf Windows XP booted up enough to allow access to the ASR Back up utility from within XP then ASR will prompt you to either backup or restore, choose restore at this time(Figure 20) Both methods continue here informing that you are now backing up your files (Figure 21), as well as the location of your backup file previously made.(Figure 22)ASR will now ask you what you would like to restore (Figure 23) and confirm its over-write status (Figure 24)At last the actual backing up process begins (Figure 25) and when fully completed your system will be completely restored. Figure 26 shows an example of the ASR file made on your backup floppy.Works Cited-Cowart, Robert . "Installation of Windows XP." Installation of Windows XP - Automatic System Recovery. 31 Dec 2003. Pearson Education, Que Publishing. 21 Mar. 2006 .- Microsoft Windows XP Operating System- Microsoft Virtual PC- Hands-on Practical Experience


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