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Speech: Can print books be replaced by e-books?
Hi everyone. The topic that I am going to cover today is one that you are well familiar with. The issue that I want to discuss is whether Print books can be replaced by e-books.
My Thesis statement: I believe Print books will continue to dominate the market place because it’s a preference to most readers in the quest to attaining information, and can thus not be replaced by e-books.
Print books are generally referred to as non-periodical publications done on pieces of papers, which are usually bound together by thick covers. These are the books that you see physically when you walk into the library. Contrarily, e-books are periodic publications that are uploaded online and become available to readers via technological devices of smart phones, tablets and computers. They are, therefore, the books that you can simply access through your computer or mobile phones. Even with the current technological sophistication, readers will always rely on print books rather than e-books during their research work and studies for generations to come.
Physical books normally hold fetishistic value to its readers, which sometimes become blurred to visualize when it can be obtained from the secretiveness between dusty covers. Currently, book print portrays elegant looks that is invested in their different colorful and well-designed covers and print pages. An article written by Alex Preston on “how real books have trumped e-books” explains the way different covers of print books continue to lure buyers towards the use of print books (Preston, 1). There are stylish uses of hard covers with mosaics inspirations from Imam Mosque in Isfahan, beautiful tiles and others display the African head patterns. Additionally, print papers have also advanced in production. They come in varying colour schemes and with different textures. These features normally enhance the sentimental values that persons place on their physical books. There normally arise temptations to caress these covers and pages when persons are not actively involved in reading these books.
Moreover, print papers have numerous sophistications up their sleeves. They currently come in different colors and texture. Additionally, this aesthetic value enhances the shelves of book stores that entice buyers in making more sales. Additionally, most covers always betray the content in physical books and thus act as enigmatic potentials that capture certain aspects of the books to its readers. Heightened cover and paper print designs will continue to skew people into buying print books for many years to come.
The use of e-book had picked up sales because of the inventions of Sony Reader, Microsoft Reader, Kindle and Palm programs. In one of the Guardian articles, Jenkens explained how the sale of e-books gradually increased as people were internalizing its techno-dazzle sphere. However, the sales of e-books have si...


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