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Q. How does Australian poetry deal with universal themes?
In all 3 poems universal themes such as loss, life and death are explored through the use of metaphors, personification and imagery this is not a thesis. Harwood and A.D Hope both use a variety of literary techniques in order to give the viewers a sense of fragility and how easily things can be lost. The themes and emotions shown in the poems all relate to each other as they all have similarities of leaving something behind in order to grow too vague connection to texts and ideas needs to be strong. Sophistication required in your writing.
In the poem “The Violets” by Gwen Harwood we can see how loss has impacted the character in the poem. This is seen when the main character in the poem is crying and asking, “Where’s morning gone?” this emphasises how fragile the child is and how things can be easily taken away. These universal themes of fragility and weakness are displayed throughout the text and could be easily relatable how? for the reader with their own personal experiences with fragility and weakness. Another example of loss is evident through the quote “Frail and melancholy flowers among ashes and loam” the ash represent death and fragility which serves as juxtaposition from flowers which usually would represent live and potential. This gives the reader more insight into universal themes of grief and loss using traumatic childhood experiences. These childhood experiences show how innocence and unknowing the character was during their childhood, this is also evident in the quote “the thing I could not grasp or name.” This is a monosyllabic quote intentionally written in order to further embody a simple minded child who is unknowing and ignorant of any grief for loss. This combination of unawareness, grief, life, death, fragility and weakness are all reoccurring universal themes throughout the other texts. This is too descriptive and explanatory, while your examples are good, your discussion lacks critical analysis *
The universal themes of innocence and ignorance too vague be specific; hat do you have to say about these two ideas are even further explored in the poem “glass jar” by Gwen Harwood don’t mention poet or poem in your topic sentence. Throughout the poem the reader is exposed to examples of biblical references, metaphors and imagery which all relate to innocence and ignorance. This can be seen in the quote “pulse of light beside his bed” where the pulse of light relates to the boys unconditional faith and belief in supernatural powers. He believes and can use this power of the light to overcome the “monsters that ringed his bed” and create a “holy common place of field and flower” The theme of innocence and ignorance is evident as he attempts to create a holy space where supernatural demons and evil spirits are not allowed to enter or not be welcomed all because of this powerful light he believes he can use. This plan may seem unrealistic to the reader ...


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2123 words - 9 pages done nothing to hurt the USA directly. If Hitler had thought this through and not declared war on the USA, they might never have entered the war. Finally, this essay believes that it was not inevitable that Germany would lose the war.  Hitler’s invasion of Russia and  the subsequent defeat was the single most important reason for Germany’s defeat. Even if the Allies had not had America on their side, the mixture of Russian resolve, allied strength and Hitler’s mistakes would have ultimately defeated the Germans.

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989 words - 4 pages would no longer work independently, but as if they were a part of a “military organization”. The treatment of workers and the conditions they had to work in became a social problem. In Doc. 6, Samuel Gompers states “The organized working men and women… declare that men, women and children… should have a better consideration that inanimate and dormant things, usually known under the euphonious title of ‘Property’”. Workers were seen as property and

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1791 words - 8 pages It is debatable amongs historians as to the significance of Pompey as a military leader. While Dr B. Marshall describes Pompey as "an image cultivated to parallel Alexander the Great" having conquered half the known world, there are those who challenge this with the view that Pompey simply had the adequacy to complete the tasks that others had already begun. Plutarch and even Cicero particularly demonstrate this view. However, despite these

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1040 words - 5 pages The Latin states established during the First Crusade were under constant attack from the invading Islams from the east; therefore, causing the organization of military forces on the Syrian frontier to adapt. The most pressing concern for the Christian cause was manpower--and what manpower was readily available was usually of little military value. Europeans crusaded in great numbers, eager to fight for the Holy Land, but very few Europeans

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593 words - 3 pages By early in 1945 Germany had surrendered and the United States was able to focus on the war in the Pacific. Japan was suffering from a serious lack of oil and was having trouble producing more armaments with which to fight. America had a strong position in the Pacific and was moving ever closer to Japan by the time Germany surrendered.In the February of 1944 Admiral Chester Nimitz had already been successful in a series of victories, which broke

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627 words - 3 pages Free soldiers if we make that hard or easy because if we all do what were supposed to do it would be very smooth but when we stray from the reason we joined the military in the first place it can get very hard for everyone. When soldiers are on time in the right place it shows a sense of discipline and that you can be trusted to be in the right place on time maybe giving you the chance to be in a leadership position. It is important that all soldiers are

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1391 words - 6 pages . All the while, Seward had continued to sustain pressure among the foreign powers, making threats and promising wars. He scared away possible Southern allies by promising them war, and even threatened military action if they so much as spoke with Confederate leaders, officially or unofficially.The social aspect of Confederate defeat is discussed in David Herbert Donald's essay "Died of Democracy". He begins by pointing out that the arguments

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1307 words - 6 pages and maneuver to destroy or capture him, and repel his assaults by fire, close combat, and counterattack.The primary functions of Infantry officers are to lead, train, and employ Infantry and combined arms forces in military operations on land.The three Infantry Officer MOS's are:*Infantry Officer, General (11A).Commands or assists the commander in commanding an Infantry unit and serves in positions requiring general Infantry experience.*Light