Conditions Experienced By Australian Soliders In The Western Front In World War One

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1) Why did Australian men volunteer to enlist in WWI?PayThe army provided an extremely good regular wage that almost doubled the wage of a Labourer. The Australian Solider receiving 6 shillings a day was the best paid soldier in the world. The decision to enlist was very attractive because it was the time of high unemployment and a weak economy.Adventure/Travel'The chance of a lifetime', this was the chance for many young single men enticed by a 'Free tour of Great Britain and Europe' to leave their boring jobs and do someth ...view middle of the document...

By defending England they ensured Australia's defence.DutyDuring the high casualty rates of Australian Soldiers after Gallipoli, Pozieres and the Somme when things were bad, many men felt that it was their duty to enlist. "I was never a great man for heroics but... there are some things worth more than life" (Lt J.A Raws 12/7/15)Social PressureAll eligible men were also expected to enlist by society. This was reinforced by mates, employers, family who encouraged their sons to enlist and single girls who would send a white feather to eligible men who thought they were cowards because they did not enlist. Australia was the only country that did not have an inscription to apply.All these men were volunteers and the decision to enlist was arrived and accepted individually.2) Describe the conditions experienced by the Australian soldiers in the trenches on the Western Front.o Liceo Fleaso Ratso Bad hygiene - no showers/baths/toiletso Tiredo Hungryo Homesicko Cold food - no electricity - fridgeso Low moraleo Stresseso Noisyo Health at risko Weather - summer - hot/sticky/smelly/dry - winter - cold/rainy/muddyo Limited supplieso Dead bodies lying around


Brutality of War in Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front - Miami Dade College ENC 1102 - Research Paper

1166 words - 5 pages the Western Front. New York. Little, Brown and Company. 1957. Book. Simkin, John. Spartacus Educational, Spartacus Educational, Sept. 1997, Stevenson, David. “World War One And The 'Short-War Illusion'.” Sky News, Sky News, 4 Aug. 2014, Thacker, Toby. “'Your Country Needs You': Why Did so Many Volunteer in 1914?” The

A mobilized war in World War one - HST 101 - Essay

1242 words - 5 pages Free . Strategic bombing is a definite aspect of a total war. It was an attempt to destroy the ability to utilize combat by possibly killing civilians and obliterating the infrastructure of the enemy. “And in the air, are no streets, no channels, no point where one can say of an antagonist, “if he wants to reach White 2 my capital he must come by here”. In the air all directions lead everywhere” (Wells 1908, 49). Although the planes’ first use were for

Innocence and Abuse of power seen in All Quiet on the Western Front - English - essay assignment

619 words - 3 pages Free Tariku 1 Hewan Tariku Ms. Coleman CP Sophomore English - Green 2 May 2018 The Loss of Innocence and Abuse of Power War is a very powerful thing that can change people as seen in Erich Maria Remarque’s novel, ​All Quiet on the Western Front​. In the book, which is written from the Germans’ perspective, there are many examples showing the negative effects of war such as the loss of innocence and the abuse of power. In ​All Quiet on the Western

In WWI, why were conditions in France in 1916 and 1917 so difficult for the Australian Imperial Force (AIF)

393 words - 2 pages The conditions in France during WW1 for the AIF were horrendous because of the stalemate in the trenches, disease, rainy conditions and new weapons of war.The stalemate and the war of attrition took a heavy toll on the troops of the AIF. There was constant enemy fire and the constant attacks and counter attacks to attempt to make ground shattered the soldier's morale and strength. The trenches also created psychological stress and broke their

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953 words - 4 pages other girls. Her family was brutally murdered as she witnessed. Her mental stability credited to her fervent faith. I thought of the protagonist Paul in All Quiet on the Western Front and his devastation as one by one he lost his best friends.All Quiet on the Western Front makes for a contrasting comparison of our troops today. We are still at war in the Middle East and many of the soldiers are as young as Paul and his friends. I know that

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561 words - 3 pages Destiny.Oh, no. I'm not talking about the person we are about to marry someday, or the man with whom our soul is to be given in the future. And no, I'm not talking about perfect love at the perfect time, instead, what I'm talking about is the path we are about to take, the decisions that will determine our lives' direction and the choices that we are about to choose.Many individuals believe that before we are born in this complicated world, our


401 words - 2 pages Free today. A major era in which the growth of a woman's place took hold was during and after the First World War.World War 1 was declared August in 1914. This meant Australia, part of the British Empire, sent 332 000 men to fight for their freedom, leaving many more women to become the breadwinners of their families.During the war, Australian women were not permitted to serve in the military, except for nurses. The many women not qualified to nurse

Why Did The Cold War Break Out In The Aftermath Of World War II?

2116 words - 9 pages -American trade dropped significantly as America entered her worst years of depression. In 1939, with the threat of a Second World War looming overhead, Stalin shocked the West by signing a non-aggression pact with Hitler. A week later Hitler invaded Poland, effectively lighting the touch paper of the Second World War.Over a period of eighteen months Russian-American relations hit an all-time low. In June 1941, Hitler's armies entered the Soviet Union

Was The Fear Of The Japanese Aggression In South-East Asia In World War 2 Justified?

1910 words - 8 pages Empire and many Australians still considered themselves British. Australia looked to Britain for its heritage and even followed them into war. On September 3, 1939, Prime Minister Robert Menzies announced, "Great Britain has declared war on Germany, and as a result, Australia is also at war". Throughout World War II, Australian and British soldiers fought together. However, with the entry of Japan into the war, Australia was fighting in two wars

American Involvement In World War I

2135 words - 9 pages Atlantic, so most of the news that reached the U.S. favored England, which was against Germany. As a result, Americans harbored negative views toward Germany.The War of the Blockade further pushed forth war. The biggest problem of the Germans was they were facing a two-front war. In 1908, Schiffer plans used by Germans were to wipe out France while Russia was slowly mobilizing. The problem with that was France's defense; therefore, Germany would

Planes Used In World War Two

928 words - 4 pages Planes Used In World War II During World War Two there were many different types of planes used by all countries. The U.S. used many different kinds of planes such as, fighters, bombers and, attack planes. These planes helped each side very much because of what they could do. For example, fighter planes were used in escorting Bomber planes to and from targets and if there were no escorts the bomber planes would be shot down. Attack planes were

Why Did The First World War Break Out In August 1914? Is Any One Particular Nation Especially "Guilty" For What Happened? Or Should Responsibility Be "Shared" Among All Of The Major European Powers?

1396 words - 6 pages , Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Liberia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Russia, Serbia and United Kingdom were all at war.So, the First World War started by a series of many complex events. It started as a small war so Austria-Hungary could get revenge on Serbia, then, Germany was forced to join in due to the Triple Alliance. Then due to a "friendly understanding", Russia attacked Austria-Hungary and Germany. Then France was pulled in because of the

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899 words - 4 pages Free strained by the introduction of Jim Crow laws in the South. After the civil war, the 14th amendment was passed, essentially allowing all Black Americans equality under the law. However, in the 1880s, Jim crow laws were imposed on Black Americans, legalizing racial segregation, depriving Blacks of the right to vote and leaving them in a similar situation as they were before 1863. Migration before the first world war was slow and only involved a small

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523 words - 3 pages Trench Warfare There are many horrible experiences that people have to undergo in life, however, there are few cases that compare to what the Canadian soldiers in World War 1 had to endure in the trenches. Those lucky enough to have even survived the extensive bloodfest were no better off, as the eternal scar of the war marred the soldiers’ ability to resurrect their happiness. “Shellshock”, experienced by many post-war, the overall trench

events leading to the ending of world war one - high school history - assignment

706 words - 3 pages effort to defeat the United States then Germany would help Mexico regain territories like New Mexico, Texas, Arizona. This lead to the U.S. declaring war on Germany in April 1917. This is now known as the war to end war. By 1918 the U.S. had sent nearly two million soldiers to the western front to help the war weary allies. German generals told the Kaiser that the war could not be won. Uprisings exploded among hungry city dwellers across Germany