American Involvement In World War I

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American involvement in World War I was not primarily the result of American bankers protecting their wartime loans and profits, but rather the need to safeguard democracy after the major events in Europe, the United States' failure to remain a neutral country and the conflicting problems between the United States and numerous European countries leading up to the war.There were many causes of World War I. The first cause was the Alliance System. Europe was divided into two armed camps. In 1870, France went to war with the Prussians (Germans), but Napoleon II lost. As part of their treaty the Germans would receive Alsace and Lorraine. The French, upset about the loss of the war, w ...view middle of the document...

An event in Sarajevo also led to World War I and to America's future involvement in the war. Sarajevo was the capitol of Bosnia, which was a part of Austria. On June 10924, the heir to the Austrian throne, Archduke Ferdinand was visiting Bosnia, along with his wife. During this visit, a young man kills Ferdinand and his wife on the street and was arrested. Questioning of this man reveled that it was Serbia's plan to kill Ferdinand, with the hope that Bosnia, a Slavic state within Austria would split and join Serbia. Austrians held the Serbians were responsible, therefore issued an ultimatum, with the demands that Austrian officials were to be sent to Serbia to lead an investigation of those responsible for the Archduke's murder. Serbia agrees. However, in July 28, 1914, Austria declares war on Serbia, because they were looking for an excuse to destroy Pan-Slavism and move into the Balkans. When Austria declares war, Russia mobilizes, which causes Germany to mobilize, which causes England and France to mobilize. Italy remained neutral for a short period until the next year where it joined France, England and Russia. The Ottomans later joined the Central Powers.The United States' first response was relief, since Europe was still far away. Wilson urged Americans to be neutral, in both thought and action. About 12 million Americans were of German and/or Austrian decent; therefore they felt sympathetic with the Central Powers. However, most Americans were anti-German. There were many reasons for this anti-German feeling. The first reason was that Germany conjured up images of militarism, as a nationalistic militaristic people. Second, Kaiser Wilhelm II was an arrogant leader of Germany. Third, Germany was blamed for her atrocities in Belgium. Belgium was neutral, but Germans went through Belgium to get to France faster, therefore the U.S. was shocked by this violation of neutrality. Fourth, the U.S. had strong cultural and economic ties with England and France. Lastly, British propaganda cut the German able across the Atlantic, so most of the news that reached the U.S. favored England, which was against Germany. As a result, Americans harbored negative views toward Germany.The War of the Blockade further pushed forth war. The biggest problem of the Germans was they were facing a two-front war. In 1908, Schiffer plans used by Germans were to wipe out France while Russia was slowly mobilizing. The problem with that was France's defense; therefore, Germany would go through Belgium to sweep around French defenses. The plan was to catch France off-guard and gain a victory over the French in 6 weeks. The German drive was slower than expected because troops sent to the Russian front. The German attack seems to be successful. In its last movements, French troops rush back to Paris, where the Battle of the Marne is held. In the end, the German thrust is finally stopped. To break the deadlock on the ground, both sides began to turn to the sea. Americans cl...


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498 words - 2 pages war with Spain. If it weren't for the newspaper article no one in America would fight Spain to help Cuba receive independence. By America getting what they wanted after the Spanish-American War it represent the achievement of a second phase of manifest destiny. Since manifest destiny is when one country rules the whole world the second phase was when one country has full control of one hemisphere and that's what exactly America did. America

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1413 words - 6 pages not be refused. When Serbia failed to agree with the demands, Austria-Hungary declared war.Alliances were the backbone of World War I as Germany and Russia stepped forward to support their allies. Both Germany, being an ally to Austria, and Russia, being and ally to Serbia, promptly joined the war. Germany had then quickly declared war on Russia and its ally France. In the meantime, Great Britain was debating on lending assistance to its ally

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1184 words - 5 pages entered the war. I think that there were many elements that led to the U.S. entering World War One. Although the Zimmerman Telegram and sinking the Lusitania played major roles, those were both caused by Germany, not directly by U.S. actions. One of the major U.S. actions that, I think, caused them to enter the war was the continuous economic interests with countries that were involved in the war. There were American businessmen that became involved in

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1019 words - 5 pages systems.The first reason for the eruption of World War I was militarism. Militarism is the act of building up armies for threats against other countries - taking over new territory - and protection from other countries who decide to invade. In the 1900's, the two strongest countries - Germany and Britain - decided to create a Naval Race. While Germany had a stronger 'ground' army, Britain had better naval protection with Dreadknought class ships

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960 words - 4 pages believes in Buddhism he is not allowed to eat meat. It is his savagery that takes over Pi and he starts to eat anything to help him survive. Everyday he prays a lot to make up for the sins he commits. It’s Pi’s madness that helps him survive; “I thought I would run out of paper. It was the pens that ran out” (240). The paper in the story is symbolic for Richard Parker. An important lesson in Life of Pi is reality ends up being so different than you

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928 words - 4 pages Planes Used In World War II During World War Two there were many different types of planes used by all countries. The U.S. used many different kinds of planes such as, fighters, bombers and, attack planes. These planes helped each side very much because of what they could do. For example, fighter planes were used in escorting Bomber planes to and from targets and if there were no escorts the bomber planes would be shot down. Attack planes were

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551 words - 3 pages fail America began studying and reviewing what could have gone wrong. The United States had failed in their attempt to demonstrate strength. World War II would go on for 5 more years. Japan discovers Americas true intentions for dropping the bomb. They discovered the bomb was no ordinary bomb but a weapon of mass destruction. Japan plans a counter strike against America, they will use Americas very own weapon against them. News of what the United


401 words - 2 pages Free today. A major era in which the growth of a woman's place took hold was during and after the First World War.World War 1 was declared August in 1914. This meant Australia, part of the British Empire, sent 332 000 men to fight for their freedom, leaving many more women to become the breadwinners of their families.During the war, Australian women were not permitted to serve in the military, except for nurses. The many women not qualified to nurse

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421 words - 2 pages History 2335 Spring 2019 SHORT WRITING ASSIGNMENT 1. John Keegan’s 1976 book The Face of Battle remains one of the most influential works on warfare and the (Western!) experience of battle. His analysis of key battles highlights both the changing and unchanging aspects of combat over a range of several centuries, starting with the Hundred Years War and ending with the First World War. Agincourt is one of the most famous medieval battles while