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Running head: INTERVIEW PAPER 1
Crystal Renaud
Liberty University
Interview Paper
Interview Paper
Prior to the start of this course, I held what I believed to be a creationist view of origins, but I will admit that I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant. I remember having conversations with friends about how old we thought the earth was. Some would say tens of thousands of years while others would say billions. I always fell somewhere in-between. The one thing I knew without a shadow of a doubt was that I didn’t come from an ape. I was interested to see if those in my life thought the way I did, had stronger beliefs about young earth creationism, or if anyone had a completely different take on things. These are my findings.
Interview Summary
Lea was an old high school classmate. Her religion was unknown. These are her responses:
· Length of Days?
· 24 hours. The Bible leaves little wiggle room with a description of a 24-hour period: there was evening and there was morning, the first day.
· Age of Earth?
· Genealogies in the Bible can be calculated to give an earth that is 6,000 years old.
· Man and Apes?
· No. The Bible says that all animals were created special within their kinds, and then mankind was created special apart from animals.
· Adam and Eve?
· Yes. The entire Bible from Moses to Jesus to the apostle Paul was written historically. Adam and Eve are referred to throughout the Bible as real people.
Jacob is a church member with me and is a Protestant. These are his responses:
· Length of Days?
· 24 hours because God set it up that way and if we lengthen it then we put limits on what God can do.
· Age of Earth?
· The earth is roughly 6-10 thousand years old because that's how God made it.
· Man and Apes?
· No apes are animals and humans were created in the image of God not as a side branch of apes.
· Adam and Eve?
· Yes they were they were the first two of our kind.
Courtney is my cousin’s wife and Catholic. I was surprised by her responses:
· Length of Days?
· We are unable to know the length of a day in Genesis. We were not there when it occurred. And we are also not God. So, any length of time is purely speculative on our part.
· Age of Earth?
· According to the currently accepted radiometric dating of the oldest rocks on Earth, it is approximately 4.5 billion years old.
· Man and Apes?
· Current scientific theory does show that man and chimpanzees do share a common ancestor.
· Adam and Eve?
· I do believe Adam and Eve could be real people. The origin story of man in the Bible tells us how God created them and that we are all their descendants.
How long are the days in Genesis 1? Why?
The biblical account in Genesis 1 strongly supports a creation week six, 24-hour days with Day 7 set aside for rest. For example, the Hebrew word yom translates most appropriately to "a period of 24 hours or a specific day" (DeWitt, 2007, p. 66). There are other possible translations for the word yom, but those are more specific to a t...

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