What Should We Do About Plastic Waste - Science - Essay

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Plastic waste is all over the world and even when people try not to buy as much product that comes in
plastic it is almost impossible because now a days almost everything comes in plastic or has pieces of
plastic. According to the news article Plastic pollution doesn’t just make for an ugly beach day. It’s
contaminating our food chain the author estates that “plastic bottles, plastic bags, snack wrappers, foam
takeout containers, foam coffee cups, packing materials: these common, everyday items make up 85%
of our waste stream These items aren't biodegradable and our ability to recycle them is limited”. the
majority comes in plastic wrapping, water bottles and other kinds of things as well. Plastic waste is
useful in many ways but the consequences that it is brought with it is more damaging to our society all
around the world. plastic doesn’t break down as time passes so it composes a greater problem because
the more plastic people use and discard of the more likely it is that we will eventually end up destroying
our environment
Most people don’t realize that plastic can have such a negative impact on our world. People don’t realize
that they are destroying our environment, when they use a lot of plastic materials. Plastic accumulation
in the environment create a big problem one of them is that it creates a problem for wildlife animals.
the destructions that is causing plastic waste all around the world is creating even a bigger problem
because it affects the animals not just the people. Many sea animals lose their live because there is so
much waste in our beaches and oceans that sea animals often mistake plastic waste for viable food
source and they ingest it and the plastic gets stuck in their body and can’t digest it and that cause a big
problem. many of other animals while swimming around the ocean/ beaches get plastic stuck in their
heads for example sea turtles often die because a piece of plastic that is in our oceans get stuck in their

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