Destination Image: Image Problem Of Turkey As A Case Study

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Destination Image:Image Problem of Turkey as a Case StudyAbstractA tourism destination is reviewed as an amalgamation of places that generating not just experiences, but provide a memorable destination experience to the tourists. The challenge for today's tourism marketers is that tourists have to be enticed since the tourism destination is an intensely competitive and many destination competing with one and another to attract the similar segment of potential tourists, or repeated visitor.Thus, image of the destination is vital to develop appropriate marketing strategy and being used as promotional tools, not only to the operator of the business but also to those responsible in tour ...view middle of the document...

In this paragraph I will outline some definitions that are very useful and applicable in the context of destination marketing.Kosslyn (1994) broadly defined a mental image as "the representation of an idea in a person's mind". A more detailed definition states that "an image is the sum of beliefs, attitudes and impressions, held by a person or group of people towards some phenomenon" (Crompton, 1979). These definitions can be applied to any kind of product, and are not specified for a destination image yet. However, there are some more detailed definitions specifically formulated for destination image.According to Weaver and Lawton (2006), for instance, destination images are often an "amalgam or a combination of assessments, related to pull factors such as accessibility, attractions, cultural links affordability, stability, and safety". This means that tourism products are more complex than most other products; they are rather an experience than a tangible item. For that reason, a destination image depends on attribute perceptions rather than the attributes themselves.A central theory regarding the role of images in destination choice is that of the AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action), articulated in the tourism literature by Law (1991) and Getz and Sailor (1993). This theory explains that before a tourist selects a destination, he must be aware of the destination and have the interest and desire, before action to visit the destination. Interest and desire are then created through the design and delivery of a positive destination image. The action to visit will only occur therefore after a desirable image has been formed in the mind of potential tourists and that image has out-bid all other potential destinations in the individual's choice set. (Getz and Sailor, 1993)If a person's image of a destination is not sufficient to make the choice set, nothing will convince him or her to select the destination. Additionally, it is important to mention that each person's image of a good is created individually, and no two people will have the identical image of a destination (Awaritefe, 2004) Destination perception thus varies between individuals and between groups, especially when they are from different cultural backgrounds.Data Source and ProcedureThe only source for this study will be all physical books and online articles of scholars prepared in the past. All findings will be analyzed carefully in depth to draw general understandings of destination image and marketing.LimitsFirst of all, we have a time limit, this study must be prepared within the deadlines announced in the past. Moreover, we will depend solely on literature review and personal judging to prepare this study. We will not implement any survey activity. Thus, information given in this study will not contribute any idea new.1. IntroductionTourism has been long accepted as an economic activity of attracting tourists and catering to their needs, which has rapidly grown into ...


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