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First Person In Huck Finn Essay

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First person point of view is used in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to encourage the reader to believe the primary character, Huckleberry Finn, who is relating the story from his personal experience. The rational here is that since Huck has experienced the adventures, his descriptions are more accurately conveyed, rather then if told in the third person point of view. Writers use this writing style as a technique to get the reader more involved in the story. First person point of view in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, provides the most intimate disclosure of Huck's story because it is through his personal experience ...view middle of the document...

If a story is retold through the third person things are sometimes left out that may be of importance in the story. The emphasis might not be on the same experiences Huck is trying to relate. Important details may be unintentionally omitted which would not happen in a first person point of view. For example, when Huck refers to the river, it is always talked about in great detail. It is apparent that the river has a lot of meaning in relation to his adventures. Whenever a person tells the story through the first person it is most effective to the reader because the writer is able to develop each scene with great detail. Memories, nuances, smells, and sounds are much more descriptive when a writer has personal experience with a person, place, or thing. A writer trying to write in the third person would devastate the meaning of the story.Huck's characterization of his adventures assures the reader of hearing the story as it was experienced, not just as it was seen. Huck's relationship with the river, is an integral component to the structure and theme of the book, and could only be effectively conveyed by the employment of first person point of view. The first person point of view is the most powerful medium for storytelling and (I want to say something that is important about the book involving Huck). This is a classic example of how powerful the use of the first point of view can be displayed.(Sounds Awkward To Me)

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