Harley Davidson's Road To Recovery Coll102 Essay

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Running head: ROAD TO RECOVERY 3
Harley-Davidson’s Road to Recovery
Donald E. Thomas
American Military University
It’s hard to drive on any highway here in the United States without hearing that familiar sound of a Harley-Davidson roaring down the pavement. Harley-Davidson is to motorcycles what Ford is to automobiles. But most on the younger riders, and those that don’t consider themselves motorcycle enthusiasts, may not know about the dark years in the company history. This paper will tell the tale of their near death experience, and their epic climb back to the top of the motorcycle industry. It will provide examples of the company’s short comings that lead to their downfall. This paper will also showcase how adopting the Just in Time inventory system helped them turn the tide of misfortune, and start their road to recovery. The information that will be presented will come from several different credible sources; including a few journals that specialize in inventory and logistics management. As George Santayana once said, “Those that do not learn history are doomed to repeat it”. This paper serves in both a historical fashion, and of lessons learned.
Keywords: Harley-Davidson, Just in Time, motorcycles, inventory
Harley-Davidson’s Road to Recovery
In the early-1980’s, Harley-Davidson’s future, for the first time in their near 80 year existence, looked uncertain. They were plagued with issues resulting f...


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