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LEE A. ZITOHOLOCAUST IN WORLD LIT. Notes/JournalsMELTZER(4):Is it important to remember?Yes, it is extremely important to remember, otherwise how will we learn from the past? Like Meltzer says the best way we can get to the truths is through the past, through past eye-witness accounts, letters, journals, diaries, all of it. Sometimes the past is a key to the future.ROGASKY(8):What elements contributed to discrimination of the Jews prior to 1800?One element that contributed to the discrimination of the Jews were anti-Semitism from Christians who unfortunately blamed Christ's death on the Jews. As a Christian myself I know this is totally untrue. Jesus was born to die. So if he was born to die ...view middle of the document...

The nurse explains with Hitler they have to be quiet. They can not rebel in any way or it would mean imprisonment or death.PLANT(25):How did the Nazi Party use postwar social unrest to its advantage?At the end of the war, Germany was in an economic depression. The people had nothing, they were poor and starving. The Nazi Party used this postwar social unrest to its advantage. They created this propaganda which made it look as if the Jews were to blame for Germany's economic slump. This of course was untrue, but because the German people were in such a depression they bought Hitler's lies. This was their only answer presented them about the economic depression. Although Hitler's plans were racist and evil they accepted them.WEINBERG (34): Along with physical terror, what psychological terror could an event like Kristallnacht produce?Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass, was a full out riot on the Jewish community all throughout Germany. They call it the night of broken glass because for hours it seemed as though the sound of shattering glass would not stop. Besides physical terror, Kristallnacht produced psychological terror for Jews who grew paranoid and fearful of their own neighbors. Now nothing and no one was considered safe to them.KEREN (46): Why was going into hiding often the only avenue to survival?Going into hiding was basically the safest way to survive the Holocaust. It took a huge toll over those who chose this path, but it was indeed the safest if one could find a good hiding place with some way to get provisions. Whole families hid together, sometimes families split up, sending children away to hide in safety.SEIDEN (49): How would you describe a pogrom?A pogrom was when Nazi soldier's would round up a whole town and wipe it out completely by executing the whole community. They would gather them into trenches and shoot them with machine guns. Other executions followed along those lines of mass death and horror. The chances for any Jews to escape these pogroms were very slim. Nazi's success of exterminating all the Jews in each town through pogroms were many.STERLING (54): What is meant by the statement, " . . . it would have been comforting to know we weren't the only ones" (58)?During the Holocaust Sterling was hidden along with his little sister at a Catholic orphanage. They were scared and terribly upset, missing their family and constantly worrying about them. They thought they were the only Jewish children there, but later they find that they weren't to which Sterling says it would have been comforting to know they weren't the only Jews in hiding at the orphanage.ORENSTEIN (60): How would you characterize the people who helped the Jews compared with those who refused to help them?The people who helped the Jews during the Holocaust were either the most selfless people or the most selfish. There were many people who helped save the Jews for nothing. They are the ones who helped because they were unselfish and kindhearted....

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