Implementing E Commerce To Improve Small And Medium Sized Enterprises’ Development School Research Papper

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Alba Bautista
Dr. Sara Beam
ENGL 1033-08 Argumentative Essay Final Draft
19 April 2018
Implementing E-commerce to Improve Small and Medium Sized Enterprises’ Development
Digital technology helps the growth of those companies that are just beginning to venture into their respective industry. Investing in digital technology and development teams allow improving each of the company's processes. These contribute more value to the organization to develop at a level equal to or greater than that of its competitors, to achieve greater participation in the market. However, some people think of the impact that what digital technology can cause is not always positive. They argue that machines are doing human's work, and as an outcome, the human labor has been considerably decreasing since a machine can perform their work. Even though the implementation of digital technology in SMEs could replace human capital by automatization, digital technology, specifically e-commerce, should be implemented to improve SMEs’ development. There are several reasons to implement e-commerce on SMEs; it makes buying and selling more efficient: for example, having easy access to product marketing and transaction through apps, being able to make a transaction/purchase online from home is convenient, and the ordering/improving process in a restaurant can be streamlined.
SMEs can help customers have easy access to product marketing and transaction through apps. The use of social platforms and apps as a marketing tool for companies is increasing. For example, Facebook allows companies to use their platform as a channel to establish bidirectional communication with their current and potential clients. As a result, enterprises obtain valuable information for their business, such as the client's needs, preferences, and criticisms. For SMEs, apps like Facebook offer a competitive advantage at a lower cost so that they can accomplish their marketing activities in a difficult environment (Odoom et al.). Facebook not only allows the company to take advantage of opportunities for marketing, allows it to be part of the innovation in the business world at a lower cost. To get the most benefit from the strategies that are implemented in Facebook, it is essential that they are aligned with the rest of the company's marketing strategies. Another app is called eBay. It is an app and platform where SMEs can put their products on sale and be more known through it. SMEs can get their business globally instead of locally through technological innovations and thus enter an industry, competing successfully (Pierre-Louis and Melin p.36). The eBay app gives SMEs the opportunity to expand their business to the region they want. Therefore thought certain apps, customers can be in touch with SMEs and made an efficient purchase of a product.
There are other types of apps that offer different uses for SMEs besides advertising, such as transaction/payment and organization of customers and sellers....

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