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Sasha Woods
Professor Palenque
Imagen Learning with ADHD
Picture sitting in a classroom busting from the seams with energy, not being able to control impulse movements, racing thoughts, and feeling trapped to a chair the whole day. That is what it is like for a child with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). ADHD is a condition with the brain that causes problems with focus, the ability to sit still and effects self-control (Kids Health,2018). A child with the disorders brain can act differently to much information all at once can cause unneeded stress on the child struggling with ADHD. ADHD is one the most commonly diagnosed disorders affecting school-aged children. Teachers often come to a classroom setting without the full understanding of what ADHD is and how it affects children, leaving them unsure of how to help the child learn and thrive in the classroom. Schools and teachers often blame the child or parent when the child is not doing well in the class, but, sometimes it’s the classroom setting that needs to change for the child. Teachers should be better educated on the number of children diagnosed with ADHD, how to help them thrive in the classroom setting and how to help them stay focused.
The research from the Center for Disease Control shows that in 2016 more than 6billion children ages 2-17 have been diagnosed with ADHD which is roughly around 2 million more the number of children diagnosed in 2003. (CDC, 2018) The CDC has said that around 64% of children who struggle with ADHD, can also struggle with many more difficulties growing up. It is not uncommon for a child diagnosed with ADHD to struggle with anxiety, depression and social skills. Also, around 54% of children diagnosed with ADHD, struggle with behavioral and conduct issues throughout their life. Knowing the number of children diagnosed with ADHD is so high, schools and teachers should look for ways to make learning easier for children with ADHD.
A child who has ADHD often has a hard time focusing in the classroom, but, they can focus on something that they are interested in most of the time. Like people without ADHD, it is always easier for someone to learn something they are passionate about. When trying to teach a child with ADHD it is important to engage with their passion, for instance, using stories, games or even videos to help the child learn. Technology is used in almost every classroom and can even be used to help a child with ADHD learn. Everyone has a different way of learning and no to children learn the same way. Teaching should be no different and should not be one size fits all, but rather figuring out what works for each child and trying to utilize it. With the way technology has grown there is a way to get on each child’s level and h...


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