Our Son Swears He Has 102 Gallons Of Water In His Body Needville High School/ English 3 Analytical Essay

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Branden Bourgeois
Ms. Valentine
English III - 7
28 January 2019
Winning Isn’t Everything
There is a lot of ways a person can interpret the word winning, for example this football coach
stated “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” However, I would have to disagree with
this statement because winning to me isn’t everything. I would even go as far as to say winning
is not just for the sake of who’s better or not, sure it does have its benefits like bragging rights
and such. But that’s not the main point in my opinion as this quote stated it was. I feel like the
most important thing that results from winning is not even winning, what matters the most is
how hard the coach’s team tries in order to succeed into the goal they desire.
Winning is seen everywhere in sports, and everyday life. People can become competitive when
comes to winning a certain prize or simply to just have bragging rights. The way winning is
described in this quote is acting like the coach is nothing without it. I can definitely understand
where the coach is coming from that he cares about winning but if that’s what only matters to
you and nothing else then there is a problem. Being a coach you have to expect to lose. By losing
it helps the team as well as the coach on improving mistakes that were made. Another point on
why i disagree with winning isn’t everything is because by losing an event can help people build...

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