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Silence Returns Essay

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The man hailed the taxi outside the archives office. It was raining, so the man pulled his hooded coat over his head and hunched his shoulders. He hailed the first taxi he saw with his hand. He climbed in and the taxi driver asked him the one question that all taxi drivers ask,"Where ya headed?" he asked. Instead of telling the driver, he produced a card with the address printed on it."Well okay then," he said and sped off into the pouring rain."So...what do you do?" the taxi driver asked. An innocent enough question, the man thought, but not one that he was in the position to answer. Responding to the silence the taxi driver said,"Not the talkative type eh? Oh well, want me to put the radio ...view middle of the document...

..." He pulled himself out of the nightmare and back into the present. He remembered the prosecutor, he had to look up her name in the archives, but now he knew who she was, and he was going to give her a visit.The taxi pulled up outside the office building."This the place?" asked the taxi driver.The man nodded and threw a twenty dollar note on the seat. He opened the door, got out and shut the door behind him. The taxi sped off into the distance.There were no other cars on the road, but that wasn't surprising. The incredibly high petrol prices ensured that only the wealthy or the government subsidised taxis and buses could afford to drive. There was an old newspaper page flying through the air, the man watched it on its flight; up, down, round and round. Then its flight came to an immediate halt and came to rest at the man's feet. It was yellow with age, but the words were still visible. It was an article about the rising petrol prices, "How appropriate", the man thought to himself.The man turned around and faced the building. He was wearing a full length coat with a hood that obscured his face. It was buttoned up all the way, as though it was cold, but the temperature was about normal. He was wearing trousers underneath that were just visible below the end of his coat. His black shoes were highly polished. And one of his shoe laces was undone. As the man bent over to do it up, he saw his reflection in the shoe. The reflection was of a face that the world had not seen for a long time.As he stood up he reached his full height. He was very tall, at least six foot three, which made him very imposing. He walked up the steps and entered the building. The entrance hall that he was in was very squalid. The wallpaper was peeling, the carpet was stained, and the only items in the room apart from the light on the ceiling were a desk, chair and a filing cabinet.When he took a step forward, a bell rang, similar to the old fashioned bells the ring whenever a person opens the door in a shop. Immediately a guard appeared holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a doughnut in the other. He was only about five foot ten and fat. He was wearing a polo top with the company logo on his top pocket; it was messy and had coffee stains on it. As he approached the man he placed his coffee and doughnut on the desk."Okay, I'll need some identification please sir." The guard asked. The man pulled out his black leather wallet and showed him his universal id card."Right Mr. ......., I'll need you to remove your hood." The guard requested. The man simply shook his head."Sir, if I am to allow you entry then you must remove your hood so I can give you a photo id." The guard insisted. The man pulled out his...

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