Stereotypes Of Women In Society Leadership Essay

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Essay Introduction
“Stereotypes of women in Advertising”
This essay will be expressing thoughts about the struggles that women have to go through. Society has always made woman believe that they have to act or look some kind of way to be what is called an “ideal” woman. Since the introduction of advertising, women have been objectified, insulted or degraded. They have made women believe that they have to look like in the Victoria Secret commercials and many other advertisements that have to do not only with a women body shape but with the way that they have to act. When companies advertise their products, most of the time, they advertise women as skinny, tall and with some kind of facial features, like color eyes and small nose. Also, most of the models wear makeup and are dressed some kind of way.
This mentality that society has created for woman, has affected not only their self-esteem, but has created many health problems. Many women have tried really hard to change the way they look, and this has even killed some of them, many want to look skinnier or have as many surgeries as possible to look like the “ideal” woman. One example is how back in the time, around the 2000’s, woman had to look super thin and have a really small body shape. Now at days society has changed that, and now they want to make woman look “thick”. This has created many conflicts because now women are gaining weight and then go through many surgeries to have a certain body shape.
The problem of the “ideal” woman has escalated really fast, with all the new technology and the many new apps created to edit pictures. Photoshop has made woman look flawless and with body features that are anatomically impossible. Many lingerie and clothes in general, advertise their products with “Barbie dolls”. A barbie doll is a woman with no wrinkles, or scars, with long legs and a small waist, and perfect hair and teeth. This barbie dolls are created from photoshop and the woman used for these advertisements don’t really exist or don’t really look like in the pictures that the advertisements use. These “Barbie doll” has created a big problem not only for woman who want to look like her, but for men, this unreal woman has made men think of woman as an object. Also, has made men believe that woman have to look this way in order to be what they “want” or “need”.
This “Barbie doll” is not the only problem in the advertising industry but one of the biggest ones. Another big problem in the advertisement industry is how they “describe” or how they make women “look” in the sense of how they behave. In many advertisements’ woman are seeing as the one in charge of the house, a woman who is always cleaning and making sure everything in the house is in order for her family. In these advertisements for the cleaning industry they paint woman as someone who should always be home and ready to clean whatever mess her kids or husband or even the dog made.


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