Basic Stereotypes Of Women In The Workplace, In Modern Day America

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Stereotypes in SocietyDespite the overall acknowledgement that change needs to take place, society still identifies people according to constructed stereotypes. In the western culture we tend to associate people with being masculine or feminine and if we cross over the boundaries set up for our sex then we are going against the norm. We put pressures on each sex to identify with certain characteristics. It's as if someone set down one day and decided that in order to completely separate man from woman that two lists of characteristics would be made and they would fall under different sides of the spectrum and there was no compromise; man could not be woman and woman could not be man. Women ...view middle of the document...

It is accepted for a woman to cry at a movie or at a nice gesture from another person because it is accepted that women cry. Crying in this culture is viewed as a feminine trait because it is considered to be a sign of weakness. Also, if a woman goes from a happy mood to an upset mood it is accepted and even commented on that she must be going through her monthly menses. It is true that a woman's hormone's change throughout the month, but it is used as an excuse for behavior. Furthermore women are considered to be artistic and imaginative, which are all aspects associated with right brain functioning. We tell women it is okay to use lots of colors and to be creative, for instance look at all the greeting cards for women that have pretty pictures with lots of design and color, and often times more wording to read. Women are encouraged to like making things and to be good at art and music, all the non-physical activities. Women are stereotyped into this box as being helpless, frail beings that need assistance in life in order to live. Women are viewed as being the lesser sex.From birth men are surrounded by masculine images. We bombard males with images of footballs, baseball bats, basketballs, and power tools. We tell men that they have to be on the opposite end of the spectrum of what girls are supposed to be. Men are supposed to be the providers of the family, the breadwinners, and the protectors. We tell men that if they are not these things then they are not real men. We send men images of strong muscular bodies, and tell them that is how they should look. We stereotype men just as much as we stereotype women. One stereotype we put on men is that they should be assertive and successful. We tell men that they are the head of the household, therefore, what they say and what they want goes. We expects boys to grow up and be just as successful as their fathers by "following their fathers into public life [and becoming], virtuous citizens...[and] productive, successful members in society." We tell boys that unless they use leadership and assertive qualities they will be unable to accomplish this task. Another stereotype associate with males is that they are all unemotional. Little boys are told "big boys don't cry" which tells boys from childhood that showing their emotions is unacceptable and is not done. We tell males that the only emotions that are allowed to be shown are anger and humor. We associate any other feelings as being a feminine characteristic. The reason we do this is because males have testosterone, a hormone linked to hostility, and a man must only show what characteristics are defined as being masculine. The Biological theory would say that because of this hormone men are naturally supposed to be hostile and aggressive. Because we associate this hormone with these behaviors we are telling males that it is okay to behave in aggressive ways. Because we do not allow male to express other emotions another stereotype we place on males...

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