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Teaching English As Foreign Language Essay

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Microteaching and Class ObservationObservation of other teacher (or of other trainees on a course) is an excellent way of helping oneself to become more aware of options and possibilities. Observation tasks can help observer to focus more clearly on what is happening in a lesson. They may provide useful information or insights for personal reflection or for a post-lesson discussion with the teacher. This does not imply that 'evaluation' or 'criticism' is required. Observation and discussion are learning tools for the observer and the teacher. In the right environment, where both ...view middle of the document...

Sources:Scrivener, J.: Learning Teaching. Heinemann, 1994, pg. 201-211.My reflection:I think observation is a great way how to improve your teaching. It is difficult to observe yourself while teaching. Many time teachers do not even realize some mistake or problem until somebody tells them about it. Therefore it is good to observe and to be observed. It gives teachers hints to what needs to change and what needs to be avoided. Many teachers take it wrong - as a critique and judging. But it is learning. There are many things that can be observed. E.g. dealing with unexpected problems, grouping/paring of students, arrangement of seating, setting up activities, giving instructions, using blackboard, classroom equipment, visual aids, student participation in lesson, teacher's role and participation, interaction between the teacher and students.

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