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Microteaching and Class ObservationObservation of other teacher (or of other trainees on a course) is an excellent way of helping oneself to become more aware of options and possibilities. Observation tasks can help observer to focus more clearly on what is happening in a lesson. They may provide useful information or insights for personal reflection or for a post-lesson discussion with the teacher. This does not imply that 'evaluation' or 'criticism' is required. Observation and discussion are learning tools for the observer and the teacher. In the right environment, where both people are respectful and supportive of each other, and where there is a clear agreement to be honest, then a post-lesson discussion can be invaluable as a way of moving forward.By observation tasks you can:observe more experienced teacher's lessonobserve a colleague's lessonagree to observe each other's lessonsobserve a trainee teacher's lessonask someone to observe your own lessonthink back to a lesson you have already seenthink back to a lesson you have already taughtYou can:discuss the lesson before it happensdiscuss it afterwardsnot discuss it at allfill in the task during ...


Should Schools Offer Sign Language in Addition to Foreign Language? - English 101 - argument essay

1484 words - 6 pages Free Richmond,1 Haisley Richmond Professor Miller English 101 October 15, 2018 Should Schools Offer Sign Language in Addition to Foreign Language? “One in eight people in the United States aged 12 years or older has hearing loss in both ears, based on standard hearing examinations.”(Lin, FR). Sign language has been proven to benefit not only the deaf community but also hearing people. By offering sign language hearing, people can strengthen their

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2294 words - 10 pages international students studying English in Australia prefer to learn in a small group of no more than 20 students rather than on their own. In addition, the study method has an impact on students' self-perceived performance in the language skills of speaking and listening. These findings did not support the above hypothesis. However, they may be useful to language learning and teaching institutes and educators in the development of new language learning

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1221 words - 5 pages own language loses its role within the classroom. Since I will be teaching English as a first additional language I would advise my learners to use English all situations when it is my lesson, including giving them activities that will be done using standard English. In a morphology way, there is a change in words, there are additions of affixes to form a new word, like happy to unhappy, happiness, breakable, etc. Syntax method stresses on the

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1164 words - 5 pages Free Hope Brown Professor Brooks English 1010 2 November 2018 Study Techniques In Foreign Language Learning a different language can be very difficult. Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world that are trying to learn a new language, can use many different study techniques. It all depends on how that person learns. Some study skills to help enhance a person's learning experience can include the basics like using flashcards for vocabulary or

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1378 words - 6 pages Y3862056 Summative Essay With reference to relevant theories, describe the difference that applied linguists such as Stephen Krashen have made between ‘acquisition’ and ‘learning’. State how this has influenced the world of English Language Teaching. In 1970s, Stephen Krashen (1981), an famous expert in the field of linguistics, proposes the Second Language Acquisition Theory. He states that humans become fluent in a language in two ways: by

An Essay Portraying A Basic Understanding Of Bilingualism In Children, Including Definitions, Adavantages And Disadvantages, And Critical Ages In Which Learning Is Best

615 words - 3 pages Bilingualism LogSomeone who is bilingual has the ability to use two languages, especially with equal fluency. According to the 1990 United States Census, about 31.8 million people speak a language other than English in their home. Numerous researchers agree that children exposed to a second language at an early age will naturally put both languages to use. Children will often go through periods of blending the two languages. This occurs because

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1074 words - 5 pages Free teachers, and self-reflection. When I had taught one to one before, I seldom thought about self-reflection or gave any feedback as there was no necessity for it. I thought this part was a good learning point to help myself and other trainees on their training path. After all your own self criticism is often the toughest. To become an effective English language teacher you need to have enthusiasm and inspire enthusiasm. Also you need to be confident

How To Improve The Ability Of Listening ,Apeaking,Reading And Writing

3329 words - 14 pages Free I. IntroductionThe purpose of middle school English teaching is to improve the students' four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, with the base of necessary phonetics, large vocabulary and good grammar, But this is not the final purpose. The final purpose is to lot let students be able to use the language.Why do we study English? If a man is only good at listening and speaking, can we say that he is good at English? No, If a man

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751 words - 4 pages may isolate themselves because they are unable to make conversation with their peers. A3. Some strategies that educators can use to help ELL students are using bilingual teaching materials. To do this strategy, the teacher must plan to add materials not just in English but in other languages or they could provide a device that translates from English to the students native language. Adding visual and bilingual materials to the instructions will


2000 words - 8 pages The Importance and Difficulty of Teaching English By Jeffrey Dobson Period 3 6/1/00 Part 1: The Importance of English "In the world were over seven thousand languages have exisisted, one language had become dominate. This dominant language is English." "In the majority of countries throughout the world speak English as their second or first language, no longer just America or England." English has taken many forms, American English, the

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735 words - 3 pages grasp onto to later put into action. Such as, slowing down and enunciating words properly, providing context clues in the form of gestures, graphic organizers, and other visuals, and also, arranging opportunities for group work and activity-based learning, such as the CWPT. The Class Wide Peer Tutoring is referred to in an article entitled “Teaching English-Language Learners: What Does the Research Tell Us?” by stating its benefits. For example

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1748 words - 7 pages Free to be adapted to the situation presented in class. Teachers must be aware of strategies that might be discriminatory/offensive to learners. Aspects such as language and disability can exclude certain learners if not managed correctly. Where possible, teachers should use the mother tongue of learners when explaining difficult parts of a lesson, especially when group work is implied. Often learners whose home language is not English and who

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2622 words - 11 pages shown an open and encouraging attitude towards the study of a second language. As Clyne (2005) stressed, in a global context taking bilingual or even multilingual abilities as its norm, just being an English speaker is not competitive enough. Chinese, as one of the nine most taught languages in Australia, is always considered extremely hard to be acquired. Orton (2008, p.5) has noted that to achieve the level of proficiency in Chinese, it is

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1433 words - 6 pages Free learning other languages, America is not one of the top countries to force it on people. In America we tend to not expose are children to other languages other than English until middle school and sometimes even high school. In school’s they do not always have it mandatory to take a foreign language. This affects us as a country to where we don’t fully understand others that speak foreign languages and concepts in other countries do to not being

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493 words - 2 pages Reflective EssayUpon completion, I have learned a lot about myself as a TAFE student, from getting experience in teaching. I feel confident at this point that I am capable of successfully being able to help students out when they need it. I have acquired many useful skills, many of which came directly from the TAFE seminars. In working to develop my teaching abilities, I have learned much about how we can target all three different types