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The Effects Of Fairy Tails On Children

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Most of parents read fairy tales to their children and these children enjoy listening fairy tales. However, in fairy tales there are some characters which are taken as a model by children and patterns connecting with some patterns like wedding. In The Green Fairy Book, in 1982, as Lang refering to Lang to emphasises fairy tales to have fun for children but also teach them. Those characters and symbols have active roles on children's behaviour and personality. No one can say that children are not affected. Also Lieberman agree with affect of that children are socialized and effected by movies, television, and tales but and she adds we are not able to know its harm. . "Some Day My Prince Will ...view middle of the document...

As a result, this story may be realized the importance of family and also it says that if you are a good girl at the end of some difficulties you will have a prize and have a good life for rest of your life. These kind of patterns confused the children's mind. After they listen or watch these kind of stories how they trust their parents.Children may learn bad habits like trickery from these kind of stories. For instances, in the story of porcupine and rabbit,the porcupine and rabbit decided to race. The price vas a bottle of cognac. The porcupine can not run as rabbit. Porcupine is much slower than rabbit but the porcupine has a plan. When the race starts porcupine's wife will be waiting at the finish line and rabbit assumes porcupine's wife ,which is so similar to every porcupine, the real porcupine. However rabbit can not believe his eyes and the race is repeated many times and each of races, porcupine wins the race and gets the cognac. As a result children are absolutely affected in negative way when they listen or read this story because it shows children there is always a way which doesn't need any afford to reach the target like the rude porcupine fooling the rabbit. As the writer Nilgün Öztunalı thoughs this fairy tale is not a good tale, trick , roughness, is not nice, the story teach children people which don't seem each other can not be friends but it should teach children people can be friend even they have no common points .Nilgün Öztunalı. "Avrupadan Masallar" Radikal,Yaşam 1 Mar. 2009.As Libermen indicades These kind of fairy tales emphasize lots of difference features of behavioral rulses. For example according to her " If a child identifies with the beauty, she may learn to be suspicious of ugly girls, who are portrayed as cruel, sly and unscrupulous in these stories." "Some Day My Prince Will Come." Female acculturation through the fairy tales 384. Like in the story which is named beauty and the beast, the beautiful girl reflects beauty she always thinks positive way and does good things but her ugly sisters do not live like their pretty sisters. The children may think that ugly people are always harmful and have a potential to commit. In addition Libermen...

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