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The Farthest Shore Book Report

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The Farthest Shore Ursula K. Le Guin Introduction The novel The Farthest Shore, written by the author Ursula K. Le Guin, is a fiction book about a prince named Arren venturing on a long journey to save the Earthsea from losing its magic. It is filled with mages, dragons, and plenty of magic and action. The author, Ursula K. Le Guin, was born in Berkeley, California in 1929. She attended Columbia University and wrote A Wizard of Earthsea in 1969, which led to the three sequels The Tombs of Atuan, The Farthest Shore, and Tehanu. Ursula currently resides in Portland, Oregon with her two daughters and her husband, Charles Le Guin.Setting The Farthest Shore mostly takes place in the huge ...view middle of the document...

So the 2 journeyers venture far off to the west, trying to find him.Plot In the beginning, Arren was sent to Roke by his father, the King of Roke, to deliver a message to the mages that the world was dying out of magic and that everyone was starting to lose their magic. When Lord Sparrowhawk, the archmage, heard this he went over to the mage council and had a meeting. He then decided to go and find a solution by sailing to many different towns to hear some more information. Arren asked if he could follow along and learn some techniques of the mages. Sparrowhawk agreed with much respect and the two rode in the Lookfar, which was the boat, and sailed over to Hort Town to seek some answers. When they arrived there, a mage that lost all of his power named Hare was seen crouching down on the floor. After he arose Sparrowhawk asked him if he knew anything about the loss of magic. Hare then said he would tell him the answer by walking with him through a dream. So he agreed and went to an old house with Arren along. Sparrowhawk told Arren to protect him while he was dreaming. Arren then said he would protect him and Sparrowhawk went inside the dream. Just then a man came in and tried to steal a bag of gold from Sparrowhawk. Arren grabbed the bag away from him and ran away. When he couldn't go any further, the man caught up and tied him in a slave ship. Arren thought his life was over. But then Sparrowhawk showed up and took away Arren with his magic. It was a trap after all and Sparrowhawk didn't get any information from Hare. Sparrowhawk and Arren decided to sail to other towns such as Lorbanery and Obehol to get some more information. As the two sailed onto the shore of Obehol, they were suddenly attacked by some people, leaving Sparrowhawk injured. Arren quickly sailed the boat away from Obehol and took care of Sparrowhawk's injured arm. After a while they were lost at sea. But luckily, a group of sea dwellers called the Children of the Open Sea, found the two and took care of them for a while. When Sparrowhawk was healed, Orm Embar the dragon swooped down and told Sparrowhawk that he knew...

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