Carrie Book Report Exampling Characteristics And Themes Based On The Book - English - Book Report

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Chelsea Lathrum
Mr. Kade
English 2H
16 August 2018
Carrie Book Report
Stephen King’s book “Carrie” is about a very unusual girl, who has a unique power that
can also be very dangerous and deadly if she gets to the point of having no control of her
temper. Because of her being so different throughout the book she was always picked on by
her classmates and was never treated like a normal human girl.
Through the book, the main character Carrie faces a lot of different conflicts that keep her
away from being normal. Some of these conflicts she has been faced with are internal and
external. Some examples of Internal conflicts that faced Carrie through her high school years
was battling badly with herself because while she was growing up her mom taught her that
everything she does in an act of sin. “Now that the rock band had taken over for half hour set,
she would feel out-of-place gyrating on the floor (and sinful) yes and sinful.” (pg 178) This
impacted Carrie throughout the book because she has to learn the hard way that she will
never be accepted by her mother. Also,
some external conflicts Carrie had to face was figuring out she has telepathic abilities. The
ability to lift up objects with her mind. “She was lifting the hairbrush It was heavy it was like
lifting a barbell
with very weak arms.” In the book, Carrie says it made her body temperature drop and her
heartbeat to speed-up.
A Lot, of different authors, have their own writers style through their work that grabs the
attention and pulls them in. Kings author's style that he uses to grasp his readers and never
lets them go is the act of Gruesome Imagery. Stephen King uses Gruesome Imagery while
explaining the process of the boys going to collect the pig blood for the prom prank that Chris
Hargensen is setting up to prank Carrie. King uses Gruesome Imagery at this moment by
grimly describing the dead pigs the boys killed as having “its tongue protruding, eyes still
open. Potato chip crumbs around its snout.” (pg 118) This use of imagery points a glory
image into the reader's mind. This illustrates the wrathful measures that others will take for
one person to be pushed to the edge of breaking point in this case, Carrie.

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