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Trick Or TreatA blood curdling scream filled the room as a body fell through the doorway. Josh looked up, glad that he had made such an impression on the girls. He began laughing, while the girls looked at him and berated him for playing such an awful joke.Halloween was coming up and all the kids were getting exited, making their costumes. Josh, Corey, and Melvin were all in the 7th grade at St Jeffrey's Primary School. At school they were planning their costumes and what they were going to need for them. Melvin had planned to be a ghost, Corey was going to be a murderer, and Josh was going to be an evil clown or a murder victim!The class settled back down as the teacher entered the room and ...view middle of the document...

"What was that?" said Corey to the other boys. "I don't know, "said Melvin, "But let's go and find out!" Excitedly they ran as fast as they could to down the street and saw, what looked to be a small alien. But it couldn't be, could it?Melvin said, "It's just a person dressed up trick or treating." It was speaking English so the three boys figured it was human. Melvin turned to the alien and asked "Would you like to come trick or treating with us"?The alien made a weird squeaking sound and said, "Yesssssssssssssssss please," in a very raspy voice.So the three boys took the alien with them and began walking down the street stopping at houses for tricks or treats again. The whole time, the alien boy kept making raspy and squeaking noises. Finally Josh screamed to the alien, "HEY! Will you stop making that noise! It's fine if you want to do it while were at someone's door but you don't have to keep it up while we are walking!" After Josh yelled, the alien's eyes flashed red and it shrieked out an even weirder noise, and ran down the street. "Hey, STOP!" yelled Melvin, and they all chased him.About 10 minutes later they arrived at a dead end except for an alley way, which was surrounded by a lot of tall trees. The alley way was very dark and long. None of them knew where the alley way lead to, but they did not want to go though it unless they absolutely had to.All of a sudden Josh screamed out "HELP!!" Melvin and Corey turned around almost instantly, but when they turned around, what they saw was terrifying and unexpected. They saw the alien in the top of the tree; its eyes were glowing red. The faint street light was reflecting a pail light on its teeth, which were covered in blood. There under the alien's mouth, was Josh's head!The alien was holding it in its claw like...

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