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Ralph Waldo Emerson was a man that lived for ideas and the process in which ideas are created. (Yannella, 1) He was a complicated, energetic, and emotionally intense man, who believed that the mind should be used actively with energy and passion. (Yannella, 1) Emerson was a transcendentalist who hated the thought of the mind being wasted. (Yannella, 1) In this paper I will inform you about the background and history of Emerson's life, his achievements, and the impressions he left behind during his life time.The background and history of Emerson's life are quite extensive. Ralph Waldo Emerson was born to Ruth and William Emerson on May 25, 1803 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Yannella,1) Ralph ...view middle of the document...

(Richardson 224)Although Ralph Waldo Emerson was an average child, he started school early at about the age of three. (Atkinson, 24) In 1812 Emerson started attending school at the Boston Latin School where he first attempted to write poetry. (Atkinson, 24) The war that had started in and threatened harbor town also started in 1812, and Ruth Emerson became afraid that the outcome the war could have a detrimental effect on her family. (Yannella, 2) Ruth Emerson moved her family to Concord in 1814, where her family and she stayed for a little over a year. (Yannella, 2) While Emerson lived with his grandmother and her second husband until Ruth and the family moved back to Boston, he worked diligently on mastering verses for poems. (Yannella, 2) Emerson later went to college at Harvard College in 1817. Attending Harvard College was a prestigious achievement in Emerson's life, Emerson's ancestors and his father attend Harvard College. During his four years of college Emerson studied and excelled at languages, arts, and literature. (Yannella, 3) Emerson was one of the youngest men in his graduating class at Harvard College, but the age difference between himself and his peers did not affect the grades or schooling Emerson received. (Yannella, 3) Emerson's college life was not only filled with social activity, but Emerson also grew intellectually while he attended Harvard College. Emerson graduated from Harvard College in 1821, and ranked thirteenth out of forty-five students in his graduating class. (Yannella, 3)After graduating from Harvard College in 1821, Emerson started his teaching career by working in his older brother William's school for adolescent girls.(Yannella, 4) At William's school for adolescent girls, Emerson taught full time. Emerson and his younger brother Edward ran the school for the young women while William was in Germany furthering his education in his religious studies. Although Emerson managed the school for William, he was very anxious to start a journey on discovering and defining his religious ambitions. (Yannella, 4) In 1824, Emerson closed the school for the young women and entered himself into the Harvard Divinity School where he established his first real ambition to study religion. (Yannella, 4) Unfortunately 1824 brought along with it many health problems for Emerson. Emerson had to quit attending Harvard Divinity College and start his own small school in the country when his eyesight became drastically poor.(Yannella, 4) Not only did Emerson suffer from losing his sight, he also developed rheumatism and several lung problems.(Richardson, 234) Unfortunately Emerson once again had shut down his school due to the aliments he suffered from. (Yannella, 5,6) In 1826, Emerson set out to start his work as a clergy man. Emerson visited his brother William who dropped his studies to be a clergy man and was then studying law. (Yannella, 6) In 1827, Emerson received his licencee to be a minister, and his reputation as good...

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